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Sentry Mountain & Ostracized Peak - thanks for the route beta Andy!

  • 9.3km
  • 1,213m
  • 2:20:53
    Moving Time
  • 15:00/km
    Avg Pace
  • 1,636


  1. Andrew Couzens

    You are the only person I know that makes me think I don't get outside enough :D

  2. Jamie Junker

    Based on your Strava that's probably one of the best compliments I've ever received ha ha! Cheers brother

  3. Andrew F.

    Awesome Jamie- glad you tagged those ones!

  4. Harshan R.

    Neat, this is just across the peaks from one of our mine sites at Teck Coal! Other than the goat hunters at our operations, I never thought anyone climbed these peaks for any real reason. You're nuts! (in an awesome way) hahaha

  5. Jamie Junker

    It was a cool trip Fairhurst, thanks again for recommending that way! Much more fun than the Kane route from the scrambling book! As awesome as it was, didn't come close to the Chinook adventure tho, gonna be tough to top that one!! Stoked to come back Ian was telling me about the ridge project and I want in :)

  6. Jamie Junker

    Ha ha thanks Harshan! Every peak you see from the highway has been done by the crazy locals, trying to catch up on the most accessible ones