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A killer climb: Bellagio - Ghisallo - Sormano - Bellagio

  • 69.7km
  • 1,571m
  • 3:39:16
    Moving Time
  • 1,636
  • 81
    Suffer Score


  1. Cliff G.
    Cliff Grant

    Have a retrospective Kudo! I am planning a little jaunt in September and you and Nige seem to be pre-empting a lot of my wish-list climbs. Great work up the Muro!

  2. Bec O.
    Bec Ormsby

    Ah yes I was QOM for the muro for a little while. Awesome area to ride Cliff. Other place I definitely recommend is bormio. Stayed in a bike specific hotel with amazing food, got our bike clothes washed each night, awesome climbs just out the door etc. dreaming of our return one day........

  3. Cliff G.
    Cliff Grant

    I remember Nige posting all these rides back at the time and being very jealous, but I had no idea where they really were geographically as such. Turns out I must have been taking more on board than I thought. The plan is Como'ish area -> Bormio -> Canazei. Sound Familiar? So many mountains so little time..........I am looking forward to it super-muchly.....

  4. Bec O.
    Bec Ormsby

    Awesome. You will love it.