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Dave Edwards

Adelaide, Australia, Australia
  • 26
    Activities in 2018
  • 1,029.4
    kilometers Ridden in 2018
  • 421

Everesting Mt Fuji Azami Line

Ride August 16, 2016
  • 172.2km
  • 8,521m
  • 14:29:44
    Moving Time
  • 9,298
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  1. Dave Edwards
    Dave Edwards

    Total rookie mistake, didn't turn my bloody Garmin on until 3/4 through the first repeat.

  2. Rob G.
    Rob G.

    Woop woop - ace job buddy .. 1 down a few to go

  3. Dave Allsop
    Dave Allsop

    Awesome job mate...well done!!

  4. Flic S.
    Flic S.


  5. Maverick (.
    Maverick (.

    Not even near the Dangerzone too easy! Nice work.

  6. Dean WareWolf Ware (Team Backstedt Bike Performance) (Craft Sportswear)
    Dean WareWolf Ware (Team Backstedt Bike Performance) (Craft Sportswear)

    Well done buddy looks stunning and amazing keep it going

  7. Crispy C.
    Crispy C.

    Brilliant Dave. So bloody good.

  8. J Ho ☁️
    J Ho ☁️

    gonna put that one down as one of the prettiest everest ever!

  9. George Mihailides | www.riderlevel.com
  10. Poh Teng ☁
    Poh Teng ☁

    Fucking Warrior! :)

  11. John R.
    John R.

    One down! Excellent!

  12. Peter Arnott ||| NBRCC
    Peter Arnott ||| NBRCC

    Yeah mate! Great start - stella effort!

  13. Mikael Liddy #polishedman
    Mikael Liddy #polishedman

    Chapeau sir, stellar start.

  14. Brett Holmes
  15. Nega Coach
    Nega Coach


  16. Maurice W.
    Maurice W.

    Great work Dave

  17. Sam Jeffries
    Sam Jeffries

    KOM's, Cups and Verts.... huge effort, champ. That's one hell of a confident start to this ridiculously insane challenge... looking forward to round 2 of the 5.

  18. Paul M.
    Paul M.

    Look at that top speed! Love the downhill KOMs...why not!

  19. Greg B.
    Greg B.

    Congratulations Dave - Awesome effort!

  20. Christy B.
    Christy B.

    Awesome ride Dave!!!

  21. Dan H.
    Dan H.

    Stallion! Well done

  22. Jono E.
    Jono E.

    gold medal performance 1

  23. Sam Jeffries
  24. John K.
    John K.

    Legend! Bloody insane, but still, legend!

  25. Mikael Liddy #polishedman
    Mikael Liddy #polishedman

    Agree Sam, if we're to criticise anything it's how the muppet forgets to turn on his Garmin...first 3/4 of that first climb obviously didn't happen!

  26. Peter Arnott ||| NBRCC
    Peter Arnott ||| NBRCC

    Dave gave some advice to the Japanese weather forecasters on an instagram post... I would suggest that some here also take that advice

  27. Mr M.
    Mr M.

    Awesome work mate RESPECT!!!!

  28. Luke Moffat ☁️
    Luke Moffat ☁️

    One down... Would be nice to Everest and only have to u-turn 14 times! Top work, good luck with next one!!

  29. Dave Edwards
    Dave Edwards

    Thanks for the support (almost) all! Doing one in another country was RAD.

    Also Pete you are right. Trolls can eat a dick, and GGF ;)

  30. Steven Klaebe
    Steven Klaebe

    Solid ride. Great name change.

  31. Dave Edwards
    Dave Edwards

    Hoping to change it a few times more Steve ;)

  32. Kevin Blades
    Kevin Blades

    PR on the last 2.5k of the last climb!!!!! OMFG! AMAZING EFFORT!!!

  33. Alex L.
    Alex L.

    Rising Rooster, Vertically & on my standards list

  34. Daniel Gallagher
    Daniel Gallagher

    Congrats mate - 1 tick !

  35. Justin L.
    Justin L.

    Ouch... but AWESOME!Well done!

  36. Shane H   E.
    Shane H E.

    Brilliant work mate. Enjoyed following this on the 'grams :)


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