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17/07/13 My legs want a divorce. (and a thousand thanks to alistair for the loan of his garmin)

  • 89.7km
  • 4,008m
  • 4:32:01
    Moving Time
  • 4,669


  1. Jason C.

    where's the bryton? binned it?

  2. Lachlan Davis

    Nah took it back to the shop to get looked at under warranty again, borrowed the garmin so I could have a crack at doing the climbing challenge in the little time left.

  3. Paul Gallagher

    Whao, cracking elevation gain!

  4. Fox M.

    dafaq? haha. Epic climbing stats.

  5. Eliahi P.

    Dude.. I have a riding buddy who is offering you a never been used Bryton.. No strings.. its your if you want it.. Just give me a call.. You got my number on a previous comment.

  6. Eliahi P.

    I was going to do Mt Glorious to see if I can get the 8000, do u suggest Belthorpe instead ?

  7. Alistair F.

    You animal. Glad to see it being used. I watched hours of TV instead! Ahh recuperation!

  8. Garth Kellett

    Faaaaarck........smashing it

  9. isaac dowell

    woweeeeeee thats unreal! good stuff man

  10. Single Speed Scott ..

    Nice climbing Lachlan.

  11. Bruce G.

    that's massive. presume you are LDR from BNA and live at Kin Kin?

  12. Lachlan Davis

    That's the one :-).