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Edmonton Marathon - Pretty happy with the result!

  • 42.2km
  • 3:02:03
    Moving Time
  • 4:19/km
    Avg Pace
  • 4,420


  1. Lucas S.
    Lucas Specht

    Nice race time! And ouch! Same thing used to happen to me. I coat my feet in baby powder and avoid cotton socks. Haven't had problems since.

  2. Stefan S.
    Stefan S.

    Thanks Lucas! You too! I think the reason for this blister is simply that fact that those shoes are fairly worn out. I run the longer stuff usually in five finger socks and add some body glide on the parts which I know are prone for developing blisters. But I haven't tried those shoes for longer runs. So it's pretty much my fault right there.

  3. Deb R.
    Deb R.

    Well done!!

  4. Sanja S.
    Sanja S.

    So, does that mean that we are going to Boston? ;) so proud you!

  5. Janu T.
    Janu T.

    What a great time! Congrats! And get new shoes =P

  6. Mevlut K.
    Mevlut Kont

    Very impressive run, Stefan! Now enjoy popping that blister hah

  7. Stefan S.
    Stefan S.

    Thanks everyone!! It was a good day. Mevlut, I will save that pop for tomorrow morning. Maybe it will grow even bigger over night :D Yes, Sanja - let's see if we can get in :*