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Successfully making myself tired for a run

  • 136.3mi
  • 5,112ft
  • 5:59:15
    Moving Time
  • 6,245
  • 233
    Relative Effort


  1. Scoot F.


  2. Jordan Blanco

    Hmmm... I was wondering why Dixon hasn't put any 136mi rides on my schedule then I realized that I do have 6hr rides on my schedule but I'm just not making it quite that far!

  3. Julie Springsteen

    you're a beast.

  4. Michelle C.

    Nice, JT.

  5. Philippe Barzin

    I guess a century was not enough ;-)

  6. Rob Petrecca

    Jesse, where'd you get magic? This "morning ride" appears after my evening ride. You got a time machine or something?

  7. Heath Packard

    Goo-lay! Muy largo. Recover well.

  8. Tony B.

    I don't want to drive 136 miles.

  9. Chris S.

    Damn! And I was shooting for longest ride on the PurplePatch feed this week......

  10. Jeffrey A.

    Beast.... #goals

  11. Tyler T.

    A Red Bull van passed me on Johnson Ranch mid-afternoon-were they heading back from giving you wings?

  12. Joel Olivares

    Wow, like a Boss! So how many Picky Bars do you put away on a 6 hour ride?

  13. Tim Marr

    Shit bro, that is some legendary training!! Chopping wood....

  14. Zack Carlton

    How do you manage to have enough food and fluid for workouts this long?

  15. @JSTootell -Neighborhood Cyclery-

    This is why I can't have nice things :(

  16. John Evansky

    Beast mode and the speed machine!

  17. Danny Waters

    So impressive.what a role model you are