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  • 19.4mi
  • 649ft
  • 1:10:23
    Moving Time
  • 736
  • 31
    Relative Effort


  1. Claudio "Warrior" Talotta (TCWC)

    Mate I think we should ride together sometimes...

  2. Claudio "Warrior" Talotta (TCWC)

    In addition, I would like to join a CC. Are you part of the St. Ives CC?

  3. Jeremy OneLung

    @Claudio - it doesn't say coffee and cake, mind! ;)

  4. Jeremy OneLung

    I'm not in any of the clubs. I would do St Neots CC I guess, but I can't get out! :O

  5. Claudio "Warrior" Talotta (TCWC)

    I haven't joined a club just because I ride at weird times and I work a fair amount of week-ends...

  6. Jeremy OneLung

    BTW Terry must still be out there Everesting in the wet. He's got support, though (Derek).

  7. Claudio "Warrior" Talotta (TCWC)

    Do you mainly cycle for commuting? If so, I could ride with you on your way back from work, during one of my days off... Is Robert commuting with you?

  8. Jeremy OneLung

    @Claudio - alas, I've not been commuting much this year at all. Riding lunches and sometimes mornings too on the busway SciPark->StIves and back. Robert (Rob Couch?) is bike commuting every day on busway from St Ives. I haven't ridden with him - we're always going opposite ways! Prob good thing as he's too quick!

  9. Chris M.

    Apparently Fox food used to be a good food stop, but I've not been.

  10. Jeremy OneLung

    Yes. Nor me. It's just a house now.

  11. James Redfern

    Fox Food is one of the landmarks I look for when we're driving up north and back. Never stopped, though.

  12. Jeremy OneLung

    James Redfern - same here too, in the "old days" when I used to be younger and well-travelled.

  13. James Redfern

    Oooh... I got a 'mention' notification. Didn't know strava did those!

  14. Jeremy OneLung

    Yes it's new ;)

  15. Terry Jones

    Hi Jeremy! Thanks for coming out :-) Claudio, I often ride with the St Ives club on Sunday mornings (9am departure from outside Richardson's bike shop) and you'd be very welcome to join.

  16. Jeremy OneLung

    @Terry - no problem. I think I gave more "moral support" to Derek, lol. But I'm not a great climber at the best of times, and wasn't well equipped.

  17. Sarah G.

    Jeremy - nutter. True Sherpa style with a 21 on the back.

  18. Terry Jones

    @Sarah - I suspect Jeremy's biological father was not actually Nepalese.

  19. Jeremy OneLung

    First time I went up in 39-19T, before I switched to the very lowest cogs. ;) I remember finding myself on a ride in Dovedale and realising the folly of having a 42-21T bottom gear at that time. Until last year, I had never used the small chainring on my Avanti, except once when the chain fell off the big ring at a junction. :D Grant Mankee-san, King of Uber-55-11T must truly hang his head in shame.

  20. Jeremy OneLung

    Distain, rather.