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Chariots of Fire for team Giulio. 1st leg, 11th. Slower than HMP PB pace but much better than feared on weary legs!

  • 1.5mi
  • 9:03
    Moving Time
  • 5:45/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 176


  1. Nick O.

    Not too shabby at all after your 14 mile 'warm-up'!!

  2. James T.

    Love that warm up.

  3. Charlie Wartnaby

    I couldn't not do my long run -- York in 3 weeks and all. And I couldn't do my long run all after the race, given planned family brunch. So just had to do a lot of it pre-race. Constraints!

  4. Charlie Wartnaby

    (I had last-minute call-up to this race, wasn't expecting to do it until yesterday when I'd already run too.)

  5. Jen S.

    Great effort Charlie. Just avoided getting chicked by the Glassworks girl!

  6. Charlie Wartnaby

    Mais non... I overtook her in a fit of confidence mid-race... but she displayed superior pacing by taking me back when I faded a bit later. (If I caught her again, I didn't notice.) I'm not worthy!

  7. Jen S.