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1st Annual Onyx to Idyllwild Fun Ride

  • 218.5mi
  • 21,701ft
  • 18:26:21
    Moving Time
  • 10,547
  • 531
    Relative Effort


  1. Jay Hesker

    Super special thanks to the most wonderful woman ever (sorry Mom), Amy Castle, for helping SAG the event from Forest Falls all the way to the end. I love you, you're the best!

  2. Amy C.

    You guys rocked Idyllwild!! It was a lot of fun following you around :)

  3. Jay Hesker

    The nighttime descent down from Idyllwild was treacherously beautiful. Anny helped keep my speed in check because I had to ride the brakes so she could stay in my draft envelope.

  4. Andrew Roth

    Dude you're a stud!

  5. Andrew Roth

    Holy crap that max speed!

  6. John L.

    You weren't kidding Jay! Great job to say the least!

  7. Eric Zook

    Wow,that's one for the books! good job.

  8. Charles Castle

    Congrats!!! Amazing! :)

  9. Tom S.


  10. Steve B.

    Truly inspirational Jay:

    A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles. Jay you're my Hero.

  11. Steve Wood....


  12. Christian I.

    Ok! your freaking crazy!!! great job!!!

  13. Darrell G.

    In a word... EPIC!

  14. Christian I.

    I'm in if Steve does it. lol!!!?

  15. Jay Hesker

    I'm a really awful climber, but I stupidly did this on a standard crank thinking that the 12-30 cassette would make it okay. Well, I made it, but not without significant strain on joints because above about 7%, it becomes almost impossible to just spin endlessly. Thanks for all the kind comments, everyone. It was a lot of fun. Maybe next year we add Baldy and make it a 30 hour challenge ride. Who knows.But seriously, look at the map. Baldy looks sad for being left out of the fun.

  16. Eric Carlson

    Me? Hey thanks. See ya there.

  17. Jared Wright

    Congratulations, you are now officially the epicest crazy man I know! Well done.

  18. Bert Calderon

    Jay your are the man that's a bucket list ride man way it a go my respect keep it up you should be proud to do this

  19. Stephane Etienne

    Simply amazing Jay!

  20. Dave Cairncross

    It's a sickness, WTG Jay!

  21. Tracy Tilton


  22. Jay Hesker

    I seriously thought I wasn't going to make it over Wildwood Canyon in the 2pm heat. I thought the climb was a little bump, and it looks that way next to Onyx and Idyllwild. Lol wrooooong. PS did I mention I'm the slowest climber on the planet?

  23. Dan Roth

    Jake, you are a wild and crazy man! Congratulations on a great ride. it was great to see you part way through this ride.

  24. Luis Perez

    Awesome ride, J. The ultra-endurance athletes of the world never cease to amaze me

  25. Tom S.

    Count me in...

  26. Patrick R.

    Holy Mary Mother of God! you are awesome!

  27. Michelle A.

    Holy crap that is an awesome ride! Nice job. Also, that seems like an insanely low HR average, looks like it was fairly low even going up Onyx. Did you try to keep at a certain level?

  28. Jason Cassady

    THAT IS INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Jay Hesker

    Michelle, my heart rate monitor was giving some bad measurements in the really hot parts of the climb, like reporting 100BPM when I know it was more like 145 or 150. I'm betting the average was closer to 140. But if you look closely, I was not going fast up these climbs. I took my time and kept a close eye on my HR, trying to keep it under 150 wherever the grade allowed me to back off and spin easy.

  30. Genaro N.

    OMG Jay !!!!!

  31. Genaro N.

    OMG Jay!!!!!

  32. Tera M.

    wow is all I can say!

  33. Tera M.

    actually a couple of other words amazing and crazy :)

  34. Roland V.


  35. Jenn K.


  36. Roger R.

    Dude, that is an amazing ride! If I would've known you were gonna do this, I would've skipped Santa Cruz and joined you!

  37. Jay Hesker

    Roger, there's always next year! We'll have SAG support through the heat and dark, just like we did this year.

  38. Jim Knight Shadow Tour

    Congrat's & Welcome to the Onyx Summit Uber Elevation Club! Sounds like you learned a few tough lessons on this massive ride in wicked hot conditions. Well Done!

  39. Jay Hesker

    Well this was my third time up Onyx, second time from the south approach, but yeah, always a rough go for a fat kid like me. Thanks Jim.

  40. Will M.

    This looks a lot like the female reproductive system

  41. Andrew Langston

    Wow!!!!!! That,s insane!

  42. Christian I.

    Are you planning this ride again? Start it up. I will go and see if I can get my daughter and her boyfriend to sag it.

  43. Jay Hesker

    Hrmmm....tempting. Poe, you'll tear my legs off, lol.

  44. Darrell G.

    I think "Onyx to Idylwild" and "fun ride" are a contradiction in terms!

  45. Christian I.

    maybe just a fun ride to Onyx?