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Scenic Highway (Honeycomb to Black Mountain)

  • 13.0mi
  • 2,096ft
  • 1:31:36
    Moving Time
  • 7:03/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 1,771


  1. Jason P.
    Jason P.

    I have now covered every mile of the scenic highway in both direction, today's section was the hardest.

  2. Tim  D.
    Tim Deer

    I am doing IRONMAN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS IN KONA on Oct. 12. Then Boston. You?

  3. Jack C.
    Jack C.

    I cant imagine running up Black mountain. Ive ridden it a couple times and its a long long pull. Wow.

  4. Tim  D.
    Tim Deer


  5. Jason P.
    Jason P.

    Thanks guys! Black Mountain about made me stop Jack, long climb for sure! Tim, good in luck in training for both (I'll look for you on TV at the Iroman Worlds :) and See you at Boston, that is my only focus race in the future!

  6. Charlie E.
    Charlie Edwards III

    Hey Jason you OK?

  7. Jason P.
    Jason P.

    Hey Charlie! Thanks for checking on me. I decided to take an extended break to allow some lingering dead legs and a hip/back/glute problem to hopefully clear up. Also we are about to make our 2nd move in the past 2 months so the injuries combined with the stress of moving made for a good time frame to rest up before starting back with a long buildup towards Boston Marathon!

  8. Charlie E.
    Charlie Edwards III

    Hope you recover well. Were the two moves expected?

  9. Jason P.
    Jason P.

    The first move was to this county for the new job. This upcoming move is to get to the nicer section of the county and away from a situation that could become unsafe. So this move was unplanned but it will eventually be a good thing!

  10. Charlie E.
    Charlie Edwards III

    Hope all goes smoothly for ya!

  11. Darin S.
    Darin Smith

    I was wondering where you had been. Now I read this & I understand. I hope both the rest & the move has or is going well.