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JDarcy Knight

Moab, UT
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09/17/2013 La Sal, UT

Ride September 17, 2013
  • 32.0mi
  • 1,677ft
  • 2:45:15
    Moving Time
  • 1,169
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  1. Red  Mountain Goat
  2. JDarcy Knight
    JDarcy Knight

    thanks, burro to the river didn't show up, which is what I was going for, and I forgot to time it on my watch.

  3. Red  Mountain Goat
    Red Mountain Goat

    I noticed that. Too bad. For me it s always burro that don't show up. Watch is always safe to have! I double it every time now!

  4. Red  Mountain Goat
    Red Mountain Goat

    You can probably see your time by making a segment, and delete it after...

  5. Abajo Andy .
    Abajo Andy .

    Race prep! Lovin' all the trail traffic!

  6. JDarcy Knight
    JDarcy Knight

    Yeah burro rarely shows up for me. It did today...slow. Hadn't thought of making a segment and deleting it. sent in support ticket, that usually clears it up, just have to wait a few days.

  7. JDarcy Knight
    JDarcy Knight

    Didn't hit much traffic, got lucky with the first shuttle...whole enchilada

  8. Kevin S.
    Kevin S.

    Darcy, I was one shuttle behind ya, with Moab Cycles, and didnt have much traffic either! Saw the rest of your van though...only once! haha


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