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JDarcy Knight

Moab, UT
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32 miles

Ride September 17, 2013
  • 32.0mi
  • 1,677ft
  • 2:45:15
    Moving Time
  • 1,169
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  1. Red  Mountain Goat
  2. JDarcy Knight
    JDarcy Knight

    thanks, burro to the river didn't show up, which is what I was going for, and I forgot to time it on my watch.

  3. Red  Mountain Goat
    Red Mountain Goat

    I noticed that. Too bad. For me it s always burro that don't show up. Watch is always safe to have! I double it every time now!

  4. Red  Mountain Goat
    Red Mountain Goat

    You can probably see your time by making a segment, and delete it after...

  5. Moab Andy ..
    Moab Andy ..

    Race prep! Lovin' all the trail traffic!

  6. JDarcy Knight
    JDarcy Knight

    Yeah burro rarely shows up for me. It did today...slow. Hadn't thought of making a segment and deleting it. sent in support ticket, that usually clears it up, just have to wait a few days.

  7. JDarcy Knight
    JDarcy Knight

    Didn't hit much traffic, got lucky with the first shuttle...whole enchilada

  8. Kevin S.
    Kevin S.

    Darcy, I was one shuttle behind ya, with Moab Cycles, and didnt have much traffic either! Saw the rest of your van though...only once! haha


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