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That was my last training of this season. Ribs seems ok. Lombardy here I come!

  • 183.7km
  • 3,564m
  • 5:50:48
    Moving Time
  • 6,621


  1. Sascha Simon

    Very nice ride.

  2. randy prunty

    460 watts for 12 miles la villa - pianella. wow.

  3. Strava A.

    Go for victory!

  4. Pim V.

    Good luck lau !!

  5. Paultje Jorna

    wauw lau gave route ! Je zult wel genoten hebben. dank voor het seizoen en lavast prettige vakantie vrgr Paul

  6. Emmanuel Hamon

    When will you start riding on the Bianchi bike?

  7. Johannes S.

    Succes zondag!

  8. Di D.

    That's the spirit! Nieuw horloge of garmin Edge? Wens je SUPER BENEN . Succes zondag: knallen knallen knallen ;-)

  9. Steven H.

    Only 11k feet climbing pffft :-P

  10. Harvey Kramer

    Broken ribs are so nasty....linger and linger riding a bike is about the only thing that doesn't hurt as much compared to running etc

  11. Jordan Fifield

    Thanks for posting all of these rides on here. It's really good to see the things a pro does. Sounds a bit corny, but it's pretty inspirational for lots of cyclists.

  12. Jonathan H.

    You were going at least 60kph when I flew past this afternoon :)

  13. Yan R.


  14. Bob D.

    Thanks for sharing your year with us.

  15. Ewoud ..

    Succes in Lombardije!

  16. Geth S.

    Thanks for sharing your rides! Enjoy!!

  17. Martial M.

    Thanks for uploading every training and reace! It's very interestig to compare the performance of a pro whit my one performance. Good recovery!

  18. Blue S.

    Wow that's Epic!!
    Amazing to see what a pro athlete can do.

  19. Seth M.

    Mooi te horen dat het redelijk gaat. Hoop dat je nog wat van de omgeving hebt kunnen genieten ^^

  20. David T.

    Thank you for sharing your season - fantastic inspiration and a great insight to a pro year. Have a great "break" and an even better 2014.

  21. Valeriano Z.

    Great season

  22. Antonello Villa

    Good luck for Lombardia

  23. Luke P.

    Good luck lau, congrats on a great season.

  24. 🚴🏽🚴🏽 Floris J.

    Succes van t weekend, Laurens!!!! Knallllllennnn!!!!!!

  25. Marc van der Kaa


  26. Pedro M.

    Good luck :)

  27. Gedion E.

    Succes zondag, en wellicht tot ziens bij egmond-pier-egmond ?

  28. Ludwick M.

    Nice ride, good luck!!

  29. Frank N.

    Nice. Veel plezier daar en hopelijk beter weer dan afgelopen zondag!

  30. Jonathan Wright

    Probably going to break ONE MILLION FEET of climbing tomorrow - this year!! Blimey....

  31. Co Evers

    Beste seizoen ooit?

  32. Ant M.

    Good luck

  33. Will Rostron

    Great season. Thanks for sharing on Strava. All the best for 2014.

  34. Marcel Janzing

    Knallen maar!

  35. Julian Cousins

    Lombardy, my favourite Classic. Go Laurens!

  36. Mark Jansen

    Je bent er klaar voor zo te zien!

  37. Mark Phl

    heel veel succes!

  38. Claus S.

    Good luck!

  39. william flowers

    Zondag is je tijd! De tijd om ze allemaal een poepje te laten ruiken! Ik wens je veel koersinzicht, alertheid en goede benen!!

  40. Timo Koning

    Veel succes in Lombardije Laurens.

  41. Phill R.


  42. Julian Del Beato

    good luck Laurens

  43. Greg L.

    Good luck Laurens!

  44. Aryanto Nugroho

    Nice! Good luck for your race ...

  45. Laurens V.

    Knallen in lombardije Laurens!!!

  46. Co Oudshoorn

    Succes met Lombardije.

  47. Larry T.

    Thanks for all the info.All the best for next season.

  48. Trevor P.

    Geluk en alles van die beste

  49. Diego Cidrás

    Good luck and see you next season!

  50. Bernard Wirth

    Good luck Laurens and thank you !