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Paris Marathon 2017

  • 42.6km
  • 3:19:24
    Moving Time
  • 4:41/km
    Avg Pace
  • 3,730


  1. Paul Shotton

    Good work Stephen! :)

  2. Chris Burt

    Well-done Steve, don't know how you find the time and energy to fit all these races in you keep doing! Bravo!

  3. Allan Curme

    Brilliant! Well done, bet that was a warm one.

  4. Nicolas Laheurte

    Good job ! 👏

  5. Derek G.

    #GreatWork Sounds like what I'm likely to end up doing at London in 2 weeks time (Too fast for my current level then slow down). Hoping I can hold on as well as you did. Enjoy the French celebrations... DEZ :>

  6. Thomas Bunce

    Awesome job, well done steve!

  7. Liam Gibson

    well done mate , look at my stats from today , that's how to not run a 2nd half of a marathon !! lol

  8. Zoe N.

    Well done!! 😃

  9. Romain Cavitte

    Félicitations. Run run run

  10. Mark C.

    Great time, what's your pb on that course ?

  11. Stephen Cousins filmmyrun.com

    PB is 3:16 from 2 years ago, although there have been slight modifications to the exact course route since then.

  12. Mark C.

    Are you going to do a story about the distance then ? Seriously though, considering the temperatures that's really good