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You motorboatin son of a.....

  • 65.8mi
  • 3,537ft
  • 2:47:41
    Moving Time
  • 3,141


  1. Ryan U.
    Ryan Ung

    Solid. I'm coming up there in 2 weekends - might need some ride guidance from you and Kirk.

  2. Jason S.
    Jason Siegle

    Sure thing. You should definitely stop by our office when you are up here.

  3. Jack G.
    Jack G.

    So I see "motor" in the description and I see an avg speed in excess of 23mph....makes me think these KOM's are suspect?

  4. Jason S.
    Jason Siegle

    I pedaled 100% of the ride. That is why there is power and kjs for the whole thing.

  5. Jason S.
    Jason Siegle

    I did get to draft some but that is legal

  6. Kirk N.
    Kirk Nordgren

    you drafted "some" or the whole time?

  7. Kirk N.
    Kirk Nordgren

    i smell a rat

  8. Jason S.
    Jason Siegle

    just some

  9. Jason S.
    Jason Siegle

    Quit smelling the stairwell

  10. Rex R.
    Rex Roberts

    haha I actually contacted strava customer support a little while back when one of my koms on pch got flagged. apparently "motorpacing is not allowed on Strava" and he said he couldn't remove the flag...

  11. Stan M.
    Stan M.

    Nice KOMs.

  12. Amanda N.
    Amanda Nauman

    cheater cheater pumpkin eater!

  13. Paul R.
    Paul R.

    Motor paced KOM's??? Hmmmmm? I'm thinking no motor paced placing should be allowed on strava.