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Brian Toone

Hoover, Alabama
  • 25
    Activities in 2019
  • 718.9
    miles Ridden in 2019
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cherokee mtb epic

Ride November 16, 2013
  • 89.5mi
  • 8,802ft
  • 6:59:33
    Moving Time
  • 5,629
  • 279
    Relative Effort
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  1. Don Wonderful
    Don Wonderful

    That's a badass adventure bro! Thanks for sharing the pics, they make want to throw the bike in the truck and head on over to your territory. :)

  2. Brian Toone
    Brian Toone

    Thanks Don - this was a really fun adventure. It's a bit far out of my normal territory but I had a conference up in Gatlinburg on Friday so I made the most of my time up there with my bikes.

  3. Michael Enervold
    Michael Enervold

    Great photos! looks like FUN!!! did you create/design the loop/route or another source give you the suggestion?

  4. James DeLong
    James DeLong

    once road down heintooga road on a road bike...was interesting to say the least

  5. Brian Toone
    Brian Toone

    Michael, actually this was plan b that I decided on morning of ... originally I was going to head up to Cosby and then ride TN-32 until it turned to gravel and made its way into Cataloochee. Then Saturday morning Gatlinburg was already becoming a zoo and I didn't want to have to drive through the mess to get to Cosby so I went the other way up 441 towards cherokee. Before I left, I created these three GPS files to use as courses for the ride ... http://www.topocreator.com/beta/items/view/5515
    My thinking was to aim for the gravel road that I've seen a few times on my way to waterrock knob on the blue ridge parkway. I found that on a map and traced it back down the mountain and basically guessed at what looked like it would be good. @James - Heintooga was super fun on a mtb. It definitely would be rideable on a road bike but much more carefully and not nearly as much fun. Have you gone down it on a mtb or cross bike?

  6. James DeLong
    James DeLong

    Yea only ever went down it, cx bike would be the the bike if would use if I did it again! Beautiful area up there.

  7. David Hewes (Bike Doctor Bel Air)
    David Hewes (Bike Doctor Bel Air)

    man...you missed indian head campground up to blue ridge parkway-super nice fireroad climb.



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