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Ride April 29, 2017
  • 71.0mi
  • 2,362ft
  • 6:29:35
    Moving Time
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  1. Insane Diego

    A nice Saturday stroll on the bike...

  2. Jim Cremer

    Most unpleasant 70 mi I've ever done. Just above freezing. Wind making it feel like 20. Not a minute of it was fun - GO is for fun!!

  3. Insane Diego

    Lol. And yet you kept on GOing! Hardcore man. Hardcore.

  4. Sharon R.

    6.5 hours of misery? Wow!

  5. Jim Cremer

    Needed to get my final April GOGO points :)

  6. Sharon R.

    Lol. Way to GOGO, Jim!

  7. Anna E.

    I had a very similar experience w/the wind trying to get my miles in today...but 80 deg temps so I'll stop complaining now!