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Racing the sunrise to the top of Quaker Ridge. It won.

  • 36.9mi
  • 2,388ft
  • 2:21:11
    Moving Time
  • 1,927


  1. Herb C.

    The scenic way to work ! Well done !!!

  2. The Candid Cyclist

    Health screening today at work. I had to burn off some blood sugar, loose 5lbs of water weight and get my blood pressure down. :D. So that was a fasting ride.

  3. Herb C.

    LOLs That will do the trick.

  4. The Candid Cyclist

    It did. Kelly and I have a competition on who can get the lowest Triglyceride reading. I got <45 which is as low as it goes. I'll have to check with her.

  5. Herb C.

    btw, nice picture !

  6. Kelly Edwards

    I only did an hour swim, so my Triglycerides were 55. Brian is the big winner today!