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Is the fat burning zone the same as the slow zone? If yes, I burned a lot of fat. πŸ˜‚ Giving my legs an easy spin.

  • 11.7mi
  • 98ft
  • 38:19
    Moving Time
  • 381


  1. Jean M.
    Jean M.

    Pretty sure 20-25mph zone is not fat burning zone Damien A

  2. Albert R.
    Albert Roldan

    Damien is just trolling us.

  3. Damien A.
    Damien A

    Albert Roldan - love that. I was surprised to see the avg. I really was trying to take it easy. My legs have a mind of their own. :)

  4. Damien A.
    Damien A

    Jean Minasian - I was trying to have some fun with the title and I thought I was going slower than the avg shown....but as I said to Albert - my legs have a mind of their own. :)

  5. Jean M.
    Jean M.


  6. Sue B.
    Sue Buck

    Your Slow Zone is my FAST Zone Damien... Someone is really Fit....Way to go Speedster...No slow in your legs... trade ya?

  7. Damien A.
    Damien A

    Ok Sue Buck - Fedex or UPS?

  8. Sue B.
    Sue Buck

    Fedex is faster... please!!