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12/12/2013 Paia, HI

  • 113.7km
  • 3,094m
  • 3:44:29
    Moving Time
  • 3,531


  1. Greyburns of House Lees

    That's what we're talking about!!

  2. Matt Surch Ⓥ

    Jeezuz! Chapeau, man, that had to hurt like hell! I think it's official: you are a CLIMBER!

  3. Nicholas Vipond

    Yeah bud! You're killing it!

  4. Victor Gras

    I'd say you're finally getting fit ! =) Great job !

  5. Dave Busch

    You missed a couple KOMs. Just sayin'.

  6. Iain Radford

    Dude! Awesome to see you killing it. What happened to Lance Bass though?

  7. Rodd H.

    Nice work Mike.
    Really amazing.
    But the why no more Lance Bass? Really?
    If one needs to sell oneself, one's Strava is part of one's resume. Non?
    Better it's in one's name for searching purposes.

  8. Dave Smith

    Straight up hammered that...glad I got to sit on your wheel for a few fleeting moments since its my backyard climb...that kom should be safe for a long time...awesome job!

  9. Anton Varabei | TORONTO HUSTLE

    I never seen that many KOM crowns on one page. lmao. You are the king Mike, you are the king...

  10. Jim W.

    My girlfriend and I were lucky enough to see you fly past us around the 7000ft mark. We chatted to your friends and they said you were going for it, I had no doubt considering the speed you were going! If you're ever in San Francisco, let me know.

  11. David Eibeck

    Impressive! I was around 8000 feet when you went by.

  12. I M.

    That's 30s faster than Hesjedal's record!

  13. Denis Marchand

    Killer ride The Woods ;) your looking crazy healthy. . Keep it that way

  14. Strava A.

    Was this a rest day? :-)

  15. Paul Skafel

    Awesome Mike!! Venga venga venga!

  16. Peter Salomon

    Sick ride glad you got such favorable conditions. Hope Ryder buys you a beer, you earned it!

  17. Kirk Carlsen

    Did you break the record??.

  18. Mike Woods

    thanks all! Not sure what is the official time to go by, but I got 2:31:24 from the Maui Cyclery, to the top. (Dave Eibeck, you were rolling)

  19. Thorfinn- Sassquatch

    Wow,fast ride! What was the wind like?

  20. Mat B.

    Giro 2014

  21. Lindy L.

    Wow...best Canadian climber evaaaa!

  22. Rueban B

    The Mike Woods is God.

  23. Victor Gras

    You been resting since Thursday ? Everything ok ?

  24. Nick Leger

    very impressive

  25. David H.

    Respect Mike :) Amazing times

  26. James Thorne 🐄🐔🐖🌱🌱

    I don't have words. ...... wow

  27. Raymond G.

    Awesome feat Mike. Attempting it in the morning solo. Won't be anywhere close to u but personal bucket list adventure

  28. Mike G

    full pull.

  29. Seamus Lavell

    5.3% for 2 1/2 hrs is sick. What type of power to weight did you hold for the entire climb? Like one of the guys stated this should stand for a long time... Kudo's!

  30. Matt Surch Ⓥ

    We'll see...Mike's back in Maui, and probably fitter than last time!

  31. Seamus Lavell

    Hesjedel averaged 350W for his hit. Bio lists him as 73kg but in December I am guesstimating he was for simple Math 75kg. That is 4.66W/kg. That is solid sustained wattage for 2 1/2 hrs

  32. Matt Surch Ⓥ

    Hesjedal was likely on 'vitamins' when he did that time.

  33. Seamus Lavell

    Maybe he had a tailwind? Hesjedal says it was a one time only the doping.... Clean now! :)

  34. Jamie D.


  35. Evan Davidson

    Hey Man, Im planning on doing this exact ride later this year. Do you mind emailing me the GPX file from this ride? evan.c.davidson@gmail.

    I need the GPX because I use them to pace my self but for some reason this time it need to be rode before to have the GPX so I can pace my self if that makes sense. Thanks man!

  36. Antonin Artaud

    if you're premium you can export gpx yourself

  37. Jason B.

    Canadian Maple Syrup goes on top & it sticks!


    Go to the woods, Michael. The climb does give me some idea on this road though.