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michael walker

michael walker

Steamboat Springs, CO
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michael walker is a cyclist from Steamboat Springs, CO. Join Strava to track your activities, analyze your performance, and follow friends. Strava members can plan routes, participate in motivating challenges, and join clubs. Get started by signing up for free.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 130
  • 260
  • 390
  • 520
  • 650
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 98.4mi
  • 11h 42m
  • 11,413ft

Recent Achievements

  • 10th overall on Cowpoke
  • PR on Ortons Trail descent
  • PR on NPR Part 1
  • PR on blair witch to blackmere


Distance 2,988.5mi
Time 263h 0m
Elevation Gain 246,903ft
Rides 115


Total Distance 16,872.9mi
Total Time 1537h 51m
Total Elev Gain 1,503,094ft
Total Rides 628

Recent Photos

  • Nice ride up to the west summit after work. Still some good colors up on the pass #moots @mootscycles
  • Late afternoon lap on Emerald with Kimberly
  • Ripping gravel trails covered in aspen leaves on my #moots  More please @mootscycles
  • Solo trip to the summit today @steamboatresort The fall colors are starting to pop #Routtcounty
  • #bluebird day @steamboatresort Perfect fall weather in the high country #Routtcounty
  • Perfect night out on the roads of #Routtcounty #moots @mootscycles
  • Nice one tonight #Routtcounty
  • Nice ride today on the roads of #Routtcounty #moots @mootscycles
  • Still sorting out my hamstring issues.healed up enough to get out for som soft miles. Feels good to be riding #moots @mootscycles
  • eBay score #ascutney
  • Still in recovery mode but still managed to get out for some miles today after work #moots @mootscycles
  • These welds from 1999 are holding strong ride after ride #moots @mootscycles
  • Out for a short ride to test my hammies and my back. Good to be back on my #moots @mootscycles
  • The #prochallenge peloton lap 1 coming out of oak creek canyon #steamboatsprings #SteamboatResort
  • Almost got hit by a flying water bottle #prochallenge #steamboatsprings @steamboatresort #SteamboatResort
  • Climbed up to the top of the gondola @steamboatresort then did Sunshine loop Twice.
  • Sunshine loop after work with Goody. Into the aspens we go @steamboatresort
  • Sunshine loop with Goody @steamboatresort
  • Climbing session after work #moots @mootscycles
  • Fresh bar tape. Custom wrap. Double wrap on the top. Single wrap on the drops. Just how I like it. First ride on the new cork was dreamy #moots @mootscycles
  • Quick lap to the top of the Gondola after work and just before the storm rolled in @steamboatresort
  • First ride on a fresh brand spanking new wheel set. Hed Belguim Kermesse pave. 32 hole. 25mm wide rim. 25mm tire. Felt real nice cornering. They should be perfect for this weekends Triple Bypass #moots @mootscycles
  • Kimberly and I managed to get in a quick ride after work before the storms rolled in #moots @mootscycles #Routtcounty
  • Quick lap on Emerald during the "golden hour" very nice indeed
  • Bad luck/good luck to start my birthday. As you can see my hub finally gave out. I was going to ride the Gore gruel today for my birthday. Luckily it gave out only a mile up the pass, so I was able to limp hope. Got spared having to call in a rescue. Currently switching over to my mountain bike. Let's see if we can salvage this day of riding #moots @mootscycles
  • Nice climbing session after work #moots @mootscycles
  • Nice ride on the roads of #Routtcounty with Kimberly #moots @mootscycles
  • Emerald mountain loop plus Routt 20 add on. Great gravel session #moots @mootscycles
  • Meanwhile back at my house.......
  • Friday May 22. Day 160. Powder day in the boat!! Hiked up to the summit with Marko and got some nice wet, heavy, manky  spring powder. Not bad for a rainy day in the valley @steamboatresort @telechickvt inspired me to ski today
  • Silky smooth spring powder. May 22 @steamboatresort
  • May 22. Still good coverage up top @steamboatresort
  • Nice shot of me skiing in #Iceland photo credit Peter  thurston.
  • Got some great views of #Greenland on my way home from #Iceland stunning
  • Ice shelf off #Greenland  For a couple hours I just stared out the window
  • #Greenland is a scary looking place
  • May 17. Loveland pass. Glad I kept my snow tires on
  • Laser pointer air time with "Steve" a cat I'm watching for a few days
  • Got some miles in with Kimberly on a fairly nasty day @mootscycles #moots
  • Didn't get any good shots on my ride tonight. Grey,cold and windy. Another from last night will have to do @mootscycles #moots
  • Nice mountain hill climb session with Kimberly this evening
  • Saw the Dressen men out for a ride today. Two thumbs up from Quinn
  • When your rear tire looks like this your going to get a flat. Ordered tires today. One ride to many #moots
  • Anniversary ride with Kimberly. Sweet sunset #steamboatsprings #routtcounty
  • Made it to Aspen safe and sound. 45 miles from Glenwood springs to our hotel in Aspen via the Rio Grande trail #moots #aspen
  • Kimberly on the Rio Grande trail. Many cool things to see
  • My good friends @sierrabear10 and @jaspergoody went on their yearly pilgrimage to Vermont and brought me back some syrup. Should hold me over till my first shipment from @untappedmaple @iamtedking arrives!
  • Racing the storms to get my session in #moots #steamboatsprings #routtcounty
  • Solo Sunshine loop after work. Flash flood watch for steamboat so I did two rides today in case I get shut down tomorrow #steamboatsprings #routtcounty
  • Solo sunshine loop tonight #tacky #steamboatsprings
  • Short but sweet climbing session with Kimberly. We got rained out after about 1000ft of climbing
  • Mid day mtn bike session on emerald with Kimberly
  • Got out for a climbing session after the storm broke #moots #steamboatsprings
  • Nice spin on the valley floor with Kimberly after work #moots #steamboatsprings
  • Nice ride on Emerald after work with Kimberly
  • Nice easy spin after work. Tour of steamboat tomorrow with Kimberly. 110 miles. 6,700ft of climbing. Should be a great day #moots #steamboatsprings
  • Rare ride with @jamie_mcjunkin in #steamboatsprings  frontside/backside of emerald. Great ride @stravacycling
  • Solo sunshine loop after work. Rode what's done of the new section of the climb. Going to be sweet #steamboatsprings
  • Nice sunset on my way down the mountain tonight #steamboatsprings
  • Perfect day for our traditional July 5th summit party. Great day with good people
  • Still a bit of snow left on the summit. More than enough to chill our beers! #moots #steamboatsprings
  • Solo mtn hill climb session, then met up with Kimberly for a nice spin on the valley floor #moots #steamboatsprings
  • Sweet emerald lap with Kimberly and Missy #steamboatsprings
  • Climbing session with Kimberly this evening #moots #steamboatsprings
  • Lunch ride to the west summit #moots #steamboatsprings
  • Bluffs,lupine,Larry's,quarry mtn,root canal,ridge trail, rotary trail, back home on the road. Sweet ride #steamboatsprings
  • Nice lap on Emerald after work tonight #steamboatsprings
  • Ended up finishing my ride tonight on the pass. Got chased of the mtn by some passing storms. I stayed dry. I'm a pro #moots #steamboatsprings
  • Sweet solo night ride on Emerald tonight
  • Nice view on the way up. Climb in the light. Descend in the dark #steamboatsprings
  • West summit of rabbit ears pass with a Timbers Preserve add on #gravel #moots @jmcjunkin1
  • Kimberly got me to go on my first mtn bike ride of the season. It was fun
  • East summit with Kimberly today. She did great! #moots
  • Another Walker family climbing session about to begin. Kimberly gets to test her new bike in the high country.
  • Yesterday I was riding sweet gravel on the valley floor and today I was in the high country riding past snow covered meadows. The state sweeper crews have gone on both sides of the pass out to the east summit. Great road conditions #moots #steamboatsprings
  • #moots #oldschool
  • Ride to work #moots
  • Opened the 2014 cycling season on my workhorse 1999 #moots  Vamoots. Nice short ride on the valley floor.  Now up to the hill for some spring skiing #steamboatsprings
  • Late fall/early winter road ride #steamboatsprings #moots
  • Nice 60 mile ride out on the open roads of Routt county.#moots #steamboatsprings
  • Shadow mike riding with the big rigs on Rabbit ears pass. Rode to the west summit. Then down. Then up some more from the bottom.  #moots #steamboatsprings
  • Back in town after 5 days of mtn biking in Moab. Got In a nice 40 mile gravel/Tarmac session in on some of Routt county's finest roads. 3000+vert. #moots #steamboatsprings
  • Rain/snow mix all day. Short 2 hour window to get a ride in at the end of the day. Managed a nice 25 miles on the valley floor. Cold and raw. #moots #steamboatsprings
  • Another sweet road ride today with many beautiful things to see along the way. Rode some gravel on the emerald mtn loop. Real nice after the rain on fri. 60 miles with 3116ft of climbing #moots #steamboatsprings
  • Rode 25 miles with Kimberly then continued on till the foul weather sent me home #moots #steamboatsprings
  • Proper test of my new Glacier gloves in some foul weather today. A+ for sure#moots #steamboatsprings
  • Sweet day for a ride. Got a quick lap in on emerald. Now down to Denver to see Red Sox-Rockies! #steamboatsprings #steamboat
  • Looking so fresh in my #moots owners club cycling cap. Another trip up to the west summit on a crisp bluebird afternoon in #steamboatsprings
  • First we are known as #skitownusa and #biketownusa now I think you can add #rainbowtownusa #steamboatsprings
  • The moon was just coming out as I finished a great climbing session after work. #steamboatsprings #mootscycles
  • Wet ride up the pass today#steamboatsprings
  • Trail building day with Routt county riders. Sunshine loop climb reroute
  • Sunshine loop climb.
  • Looks nice
  • Nice ride up the pass tonight.#fallcolors #steamboatsprings #Vamoots
  • Another outstanding day out on the open roads of Routt county. 61 miles. 4500ft of climbing.
  • Don't get your hoof stuck
  • Got in a nice spin on the valley floor tonight. It got windy. I got rained on.
  • Emerald mtn loop then up rabbit ears pass. Sweet ride with lots of climbing
  • 51 miles on Rt 40. #steamboatsprings
  • Great day for a bike ride #steamboatsprings
  • More miles while my chest heals up. 39 miles with a bit of gravel thrown in so I don't get bored
  • Routt county rd 35 looked so sweet I had to do it. #smoothroads
  • Got in a nice road ride with Kimberly after work
  • Stormy
  • Got out on my Vamoots for some active recovery. Increased blood flow promotes healing. Legs feel great. Wrists and chest not so much
  • Although I'm still quite sore it was a beautiful night for a spin around the valley floor.
  • Way out on 20 mile waiting for the race......
  • Rode up to the west summit, watched the race go by, rode home, then went and did a lap on emerald with Kimberly. Now that's a great day on the bike.
  • I'm ready....... Lets do this!!! #usaprochallenge
  • Sweet place to ride
  • Hike a bike
  • Dumont to summit lake, over Soda mtn, then lots of down and a hard crash
  • Root canal. Emerald classic.
  • Kimberly took the lead on emerald tonight #niceride
  • Just before I got crushed on my ride tonight.
  • Scooter helped me with a bit of maintenance on my mtn bike shoes. Fresh cleats.
  • Nice lap on emerald with Goody
  • Nice lap on emerald during the "golden hour" with Kimberly
  • Waited for the afternoon storms to blow thru and got out for a quick mtn hill climb session.
  • Frontside of emerald /down beal with Brooke. Met Kimberly. Back up beal. Get caught in a lighting/down pour. We hunkered down for a bit in the woods. Great adventure ride!
  • Steamboat sunset
  • Sweet night to be on your bike
  • Another climb up the service road to the top of thunderhead. Last nights rain made for some tacky trails.
  • More rain for steamboat today. Back out on the Vamoots for a quick climbing session after work. Solid descending bike in the rain #youcangofastp
  • Frontside/backside of emerald/back on the road. With Goody and Dressen. Fun.
  • Summit
  • Left work a bit early and rode to the top of storm peak
  • Still working on the perfect setup for the sb-95c. Started with a 2.4 front and 2.2 rear. Did not like the 2.2 so I  took it off and put on a 2.4. It rode sweet.
  • Summit birthday beers
  • Sweet day in the highcountry
  • The Divide trail goodness
  • Ride the divide trail today for Goodys 50th birthday
  • A good day on the road for Kimberly. Top of rabbit ears pass. First climb of the day.
  • Another tour de steamboat in the books. 105 miles and 7000ft of climbing.
  • Steamboat now
  • Nice lap on emerald with Kimberly
  • Riding into the light
  • The trails on emerald tonight  Were tacky/no dust/fast/no people.
  • Nice 3 hour plus ride tonight after work
  • Brought the 95 to the wheels shop today and did some shock adjustments, moved the controls and flipped the stem. One step closer the the perfect setup.
  • It just looks fast
  • First ride. SB-95
  • It's a fast as it looks
  • 27.15 pounds. Nice
  • Lots of sweet bikes to check out
  • Summit party today. Good times
  • Summit party
  • Still some snow up top to chill our beers
  • My new Yeti SB-95 carbon arrived a few days ago but we are waiting for a few parts. The wheels shop was kind enough to let me demo the aluminum version while we get the last parts. Thanks it rode sweet!
  • Quick stop at the spring on duster on my way to do sunshine loop.#icecoldh2o
  • Gravel rd session today. Sweet
  • I've been leaving for my post work rides as late as I can due to the  heat. Descending off the mountain during sunset is sweet.
  • Sunshine loop with Goody tonight. Sweet
  • Nice ride on the mtn tonight after work
  • Up to the summit with goody today. Still a bit of snow left in the highcountry
  • Found all these beers at the summit melting thru the last snow banks. I had a PBR to celebrate#restockedthebeercave
  • Sweet birthday ride on emerald before the Bruins game.
  • Came across the Angry grouse tonight. He was pissed off
  • Not a happy camper
  • Going big today on the Vamoots. Lots of good treats for big miles and wind!
  • Ended up with just over 100 miles and around 4500ft of climbing. Windy day out on the open road.
  • Nice ride on the mtn tonight
  • Sunshine loop with marko
  • Great ride today.
  • Nice views along the way
  • Mtn bike fun
  • Hot springs/mad creek today with Kimberly
  • Stunning views of the valley from my ride in mt Werner tonight after work . Sweet
  • Another sweet lap on emerald.
  • New Yeti coming soon. my ASR-SL still rides like a dream.
  • Got a nice sunset lap in on emerald tonight.
  • Sweet mtn bike ride on emerald with Kimberly.
  • Another great ride in Routt county. Thanks
  • Hella crusher headwind going up to the west summit tonight.
  • Waves of dirty snow up on the pass
  • It may have been windy but at least I had a sweet view
  • Nice ride up to the west summit after work.
  • Kelly Nelson birthday ride up the pass this am. Good times with good people.
  • Perfect morning for some climbing
  • After a great ski session this am I just had to get out for a ride after work. Did a big climbing session. Great night for a carnival
  • Beautiful and rainy. 27 miles and 3200ft of vert
  • Did some climbing after work with Kimberly. 20 miles with 2000+ft of vert
  • Nice gravel session after work
  • Did a expanded version of the emerald mtn loop tonight after work. Lots of wind, lots of gravel, and lots of fun
  • Day 167 in the books. Nordic ski on the pass with Morgan and the dude
  • May 22 and still skiing
  • Moon over the mtn. Climbers edition of the post work ride. 3000+vert. Tired legs
  • Beautiful night up on the pass
  • Did some more climbing in the mountain after I didn't summit the pass. Got to see a nice sunset
  • Fresh snow on the mountain
  • Got most of the way up the pass before the new snow turned me around
  • Nice 40 mile ride after work. Perfect
  • Killer sky on my ride tonight
  • 40 miles with endless photo ops
  • Busted out a nice 40 mile ride after work that included some sweet views.
  • On a road trip with Kimberly checking out some new mtn biking spots. Our first stop is pueblo colorado. Got a quick ride in tonight. So far so good
  • Pueblo colorado
  • May 5. Day 165. Yet another great skate session on the pass with Morgan and the dude