Colchester - Swaffham - Colchester - ColVelo Monument No.2

7:00 AM Saturday
Meet Up Spot Car-Park of Bricklayers pub by Colchester North Station.
Casual (No-Drop) / Rolling Hills

Monument No.2 of 2016, and the longest of the four. Leaving Colchester at 7am from the car-park of the Bricklayers Pub by Colchester North Station and heading north towards the Fens and on to the Wash, before a turn for home via Swaffham. Stops every 50-70km for food and fuel. Intended Average speed will be 25km/h+ . While this is a no drop club ride, the expectancy will be that everybody in attendance is at ease with the distance and average speed. A day such as this can be made a lot longer if we don't stick to the plan as best we can. Intended stops will provide some opportunities for bail outs, so the responsibility is with the rider to play it as they see fit as we'll look to make progress as stated. Please ensure your bike is in good working order and that you have suitable provisions and clothing to be self-sufficient for the day. Please ensure you have lights just in case.

Hope to see you there.

Colchester, England, United Kingdom