QDR Wednesday PM Track Session

6:30 PM Weekly on Wednesday
Meet Up Spot Union Turnpike & 171st St
Beginner / Road

5/31 Two Options 1)Speed: 4x100, 4x300, 4x100 (recovery 300,100,300) or 2)Endurance: 12x400 with 60 seconds standing rest.

5/24 Three Options 1)Brooklyn Half Post Race: 16x100 @ HM pace with 300 recovery. 2)Speed: 8x100 (300 recovery) 8x200 (200 recovery). 3)Endurance: 4 Miles Continuous Fartlek, each mile consisting of: 800 @ HM pace, 400 @ 5K pace, 400 @ MP. If you run under 30 miles per week do 3 miles fartlek instead of 4.

5/17 Three Options. 1)Brooklyn Half Taper Session: 4x200 (200 recovery), 6x800 (400 recovery), 4x200 (200 recovery). 2)Speed: 4x100 (300 recovery), 4X400 (2.5 minutes standing rest), 4X200 (200 recovery) (extra credit: 4x100 with 300 recovery). 3)Endurance: 16x200 @ slightly slower than 5K pace, with 200 recovery.

5/10 Three Options. 1)Brooklyn Half Tune-up: 4x200 with 200 recovery, 30 min Tempo with 400 recovery, 4x400 with 200 recovery. 2)5K/10K Training: 4x200 with 200 recovery, 8x400 with 200 recovery (400 recovery on last rep), 1 Mile with 400 recovery, 4x200 with 200 recovery. 3)Speed: 4x100 with 300 recovery, 4x200 with 200 recovery (400 recovery on last rep), 3x400 with 2 min standing rest (4min on last rep), 600 with 200 recovery.

5/3 Two Options. Speed: 3x300/600/300 with 200/300/300 recovery. Endurance: 8x1K with 200 recovery.

4/26 Two Options. Speed: 4x200, 4x400, 800. Endurance: 4x200, 4x800, 1Mile.

4/19 Two Options. Speed: 10x300 @5K pace with 100 walk recovery. Endurance: 8x600 start @5K pace for first four reps then add surges, 200 recovery.

4/12 Two Options. Speed: 200, 400, 800, 800, 400, 200 with 200 recovery. Endurance: 8x1K @marathon pace with 200 recovery.

4/5 Two Options, Speed: 4x(200/400/200) with 200 recovery between reps and 400 between sets. Endurance: 16x400 with 200 fast jog recovery.

3/29 Two Options. Speed: 4x100, 6x200, 2x400 (80% effort on 100s w/300 recovery. Faster than mile pace for 200's with 2 minutes of standing rest. Hard but not all out effort for 400s with 2 minutes standing rest. ) Endurance: 4X400, 4 Miles, 4x400 (For the 400s: 10K pace w/200 jog btw reps and 400 jog after 4th rep. 4 Miles at Marathon Pace with 400 recovery.)

3/22 Two Options. Speed: 8x200 with 400 Recovery. Endurance: Yasso 10x800 with same time for your Recovery.

3/15 4x(1K @HM pace, 400 @10K pace, 200 @5K/Mile pace) Recovery is 200 between reps and 400 between sets. Each set should be faster than the last one.

3/8 Track was postponed for our International Women's Day Run.

3/1 12x200 with a 200 recovery at marathon pace.

2/22 Three Options:
SPRINT: 12x200 @800M Pace (200 Recovery)
SPEED: 4 Sets of 200/400/200 (200 Recovery between reps, 400 between sets)
STRENGTH: 4x200, 3xMile, 4x200 (200 Recovery between 200s, 400 between miles & switching distance)

2/15 12 or 16 x200 (with 200 recovery). Aim for 5K pace down to mile pace if you're doing 12. Aim for 10K pace down to 5K pace if you're doing 16.

2/8 Three Options:
1. Sprint Session: 2x100/100/200/400
2. 5K Session: 4x100 (300 Recovery), 4x800 (200 Recovery), 2x400 (2 Minutes of Standing Rest), 4x100 (300 Recovery)
3. 10K Session: 6x800, 2x400, 4x200, (Recovery: 200m btw 800s and 200s, 1 Minute Standing Rest btw 400s)

2/1 4x200, 2xMILE, 2x400 if you run 30 miles or less per week. 200 Recovery Between Reps, 400 Recovery between changing distances. 4x200, 2x2KM (5 Loops), 2x400 if you run more than 30 miles per week. 200 Recovery Between 200s & 400s, 400 Recovery between changing distances and 2KM.

1/25 Two Options:
Sprint Session 16X200 if you run 30 miles or less per week. 20x200 if you run more than 30 miles per week. Recovery is 200.
Strength Session 4x200, 8x600, 4x200 (Recovery is 200 between reps and 400 between sets.)

1/18 2x200, 4x400, 2x200 with 200 recovery for all reps.

1/11 16x200 if you run more than 30 miles per week. 12x200 if you run less than 30 miles per week. Run at a steady 5K pace for all reps. Recovery is 200.

1/4 Ladder Session 400-600-1000-600-400 (Recovery 400 meters)

Queens Distance Runners Verified Club
New York, New York