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Backbone trail #1 - "Will Rogers to Stunt"

6:30 AM Sunday
Meet Up Spot 100-398 Stunt Rd, Malibu, CA 90265
Advanced / Trail

FOR CLUB MEMBERS 2020 ONLY (Membership see our website)
This first section is a total of 18 miles and maybe the hardest of all four.
From Will Rogers State Park we ascend the Backbone Trail with ocean glimpses of the Santa Monica Bay. The continuation to the Hub will next connect via Eagle Springs Road and Musch Trail. After refreshing-up at Trippet Ranch, we casually descend the Dead Horse Trail. After the lush Hondo Canyon climb, we take one last ascend to the top–finishing the first leg–with a view of the Santa Monica Bay and Catalina Island and the horizon is almost at the curvature of the earth. Beautiful! After one short trail to Schueren Road -the Fossil Ridge trail- where you pay attention to the many fossils embedded into rocks seen on the right. Our first Backbone trail section ends at the top of Stunt where we met in the morning. Please volunteer to take the morning drivers back to their car at the starting point Will Rogers! This event requires some help from everyone to make the point to point work, we all have families and life activities waiting for us at home, if you can't commit to the extra time then this is not the run for you.
MEETING LOCATION: That morning, EVERYONE will be meeting at the fork of Schueren Road and Stunt Road and we will carpool from there at 6:30 AM sharp with the fewest cars possible to our start at Will Rogers State Park. Will Rogers State Park is fee parking lot so bring your credit card for the machine.

California City, California