ILE x AFAIC Shop Ride

9:30 AM Sunday
Meet Up Spot 1717A Fourth St, Berkeley, CA 94710
Casual (No-Drop) / Rolling Hills

Join us for this month's ILE x AFAIC Shop Ride! This time our route will feature some East Bay classics with a lil' dirt section in between. Coffee and other refreshments at Mother Tongue Cafe & Bar after the ride.

As always we will try to keep a consistent, social pace so that we can end as a group. Along the way there will be some opportunities for the spirited to let loose and test their legs, immediately followed by a regroup at the end of these segments. Those who want to push the pace are welcome to do so on South Park Rd, Grizzly Peak Blvd (Claremont to Skyline), and Skyline Blvd (Grass Valley to Redwood Rd).


Ground Rules + Waiver:

Though this ride is considered casual and social more than anything, we do require people to show up with some experience so that we can all ride safely. When riding with the group please respect the pace being set by ride leaders. We expect that everyone attending is experienced in basic group riding etiquette i.e. calling out cars and obstacles, riding no more than two abreast, signaling turns, and riding predictably. If this is your first time riding with a group please let one of the ride leaders know.

Remember to bring ride food, water (preferably 2 bottles), and a flat repair kit!

Please note: all participants are required to sign a waiver of liability prior to the ride:


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Berkeley, California