goodnessgravel : Glen Innes : 125km

7:30 AM Saturday
Meet Up Spot 111 Wentworth St, Glen Innes NSW 2370
Tempo / Rolling Hills

Hello Riders - thank you for clicking 'I'm in' on Strava. Please note that you MUST register your entry on our site to confirm your attendance : - thank you - Will

Saturday Gravel Fondo : 125km with 1,700m of ascent

Glen Innes > Mt Mitchell > Red Range > Glen Innes

This Loop will keep those doing the LONG course on their toes. Some glorious gravel including Mt Slow Road, a few decent climbs and visit to Red Range.

7:30am : Saturday morning, when leaving King George V Park in Glen Innes - 1059m above sea-level (ASL) - riders will tic tac through town, crossing the New England Highway, before heading east along the paved Glen Legh Rd.

There is a bit of tarmac to chew up in the first 20+ km. You will be thankful to see one particular climb at ~25km coated in black tarmac. The toughest part of this climb is roughly 2+ km in length, please remember that this is just the beginning so do not blow up this early. The climb is up the aptly named Mt Mitchell Rd with some sections over 12%. Some people think it is better to get the tough stuff out of the way early ... this is not the only climb of the day but it would have to classify as the toughest.

Soon after the gravel starts and @ ~28km we have a Rest Stop 'Lite' here there will be bananas and water if needed. At ~29km will be at your highest point on today's ride at 1,259m ASL.

Continue along Mt Slow Road before turning on Costellos Road. These two sections are magical pieces of gravel. Enjoy the quiet roads and rolling terrain as you ride along to ~54km.

Soon you will be on the paved Pinkett Rd and headed out to Pretty Valley and Ryans Rd, more fantastic gravel sections with views of lush farm lands.

After this loop there is a solid paved climb going back along Pinkett Rd. At ~61km you are at the lowest point of the day (1,047m ASL) and from there it's time to go up.

Complete another little addition off Pinkett Rd on Square Range Road before heading to the second Rest Stop of the day at Red Range @ ~80km (1,159m ASL).

Here you will find music, a place to fill your water bottles and grab your drop bag and fill up on a banana or two. Please say hello to the volunteers and treat the area with respect when it comes to litter and general behaviour, we thank you.

It may seem like you only have ~44km still to go but there are some ups and downs during the final kilometers. There is also some fantastic sections of gravel along Donnelly and also Linwood Rd as you head back to King George V Park in Glen Innes

Registered riders will be emailed the Strava and Ride With GPS link including GPX file the week of the event

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia