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Gravel Mob, 11/02/2014

Cycling Route

58.01 mi
7,934 ft
Gravel Grinder/Fire Road Fondo sponsored by The Mob Shop and peloton Magazine in association with SoCalCross. 
Created By
T ron

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
33 Speedway2.03 mi-128 ft-1.1%
Ojai Vons to Sulphur Mtn Turnoff5.94 mi-459 ft-1.5%
Sulphur Mountain Rd Climb1.38 mi443 ft6.1%
Gate to Real Top4.80 mi1,198 ft4.7%
Gate to plateau2.00 mi564 ft5.3%
Gate to Second Top6.29 mi1,430 ft4.3%
Sulphur Climb 8.76 mi1,936 ft4.1%
1 CG to 2 CG2.89 mi787 ft5.1%
Sulphur, Gate to top10.90 mi2,247 ft3.9%
Gate to Final Gate10.15 mi2,260 ft4.1%
Sulphur Bottom Cattle Guard to Bench Gate8.58 mi1,916 ft4.2%
Gravel Grinder ITT8.77 mi1,857 ft4.0%
Canada De Alisos Rd Climb1.12 mi289 ft4.8%
Plateau to 2nd Cattle Guard1.04 mi233 ft4.2%
Sulphur Mountain Rd Climb1.39 mi384 ft5.2%
Sulphur Mountain Rd Climb0.83 mi292 ft6.7%
Sulpher Backside 1.00 mi338 ft6.2%
Sulphur Mountain Rd Climb1.54 mi495 ft6.1%
White House Climb0.65 mi272 ft7.9%
Sulphur Mountain Rd Climb0.59 mi262 ft8.4%
Sulphur Backside DH2.74 mi-1,207 ft-8.3%
Malibu Crash Course2.55 mi-1,060 ft-7.8%
Sisar to Stream2.89 mi1,079 ft7.0%
Sisar To Red Reef4.02 mi1,729 ft8.1%
Sisar Canyon Climb8.04 mi3,061 ft7.2%
Sisar Canyon Rd Climb0.58 mi305 ft8.8%
Sisar Canyon Road Climb0.38 mi315 ft15.6%
red reef to saddle2.15 mi787 ft6.9%
Sisar Canyon Rd Climb1.11 mi371 ft6.3%
Sisar Canyon Rd Climb1.62 mi568 ft6.6%
Nordhoff Ridge Road Climb1.06 mi322 ft5.7%
Nordoff Ridge West4.74 mi413 ft0.5%
Howard Creek DH2.33 mi-932 ft-7.0%
Just the downhill Hwy 3310.06 mi-2,379 ft-4.5%