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Mt Umunhum Saturday Ride

Cycling Route

54.66 mi
5,360 ft
Created By
William von Kaenel

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
E Main - Santa Cruz to Fillmer1.06 mi-49 ft-0.2%
Jackson St. & Loma Alta Uphill Sprint0.13 mi33 ft4.8%
Kennedy stop to stop Hicks3.75 mi-479 ft-0.3%
Kennedy Road - Englewood to Longmeadow0.38 mi36 ft1.6%
Kennedy Rd Climb1.91 mi413 ft4.3%
Kennedy Road - Longmeadow to S Kennedy0.41 mi69 ft3.1%
Kennedy - S Kennedy to Forrester0.29 mi46 ft1.0%
Kennedy - Forrester to Top1.01 mi305 ft5.7%
Full Kennedy - Forrester to Shannon1.96 mi-331 ft-0.2%
Steep part of Kennedy0.40 mi190 ft8.9%
Kennedy Descent - East to Shannon1.00 mi-315 ft-5.8%
Shannon DH - Kennedy to Hicks0.64 mi-121 ft-3.5%
Lower Hicks4.04 mi325 ft1.4%
Hicks - Shannon to Americh0.13 mi26 ft3.3%
Hicks West5.13 mi1,037 ft3.8%
Hicks - Wagner to Pheasant0.23 mi46 ft2.5%
Hicks - Pheasant to Reynolds1.04 mi89 ft1.2%
Hicks - Reynolds to Reynolds1.50 mi240 ft2.9%
Guadalupe Dam (Hicks Kick)0.48 mi167 ft6.5%
Hicks Dam0.30 mi125 ft7.9%
Hicks Rd1.25 mi741 ft11.3%
Hicks Opener0.59 mi387 ft12.3%
Umunhum peak (N. Hicks)5.14 mi2,661 ft9.8%
Hicks Mt Um U-turn to No Trespass sign4.07 mi2,188 ft10.2%
Hicks second step0.47 mi223 ft8.8%
Mt Umunhum Rd Climb0.50 mi272 ft10.2%
OTC Mt Umunhum4.09 mi1,913 ft8.8%
Mt Umunhum Rd (hicks parking lot)1.68 mi915 ft10.3%
The Wall0.36 mi223 ft11.4%
Umunhum Downhill2.74 mi-1,266 ft-8.7%
"Legal" Umuhnum DH1.64 mi-876 ft-10.0%
Umunhum to Almaden Reservoir DH3.37 mi-1,683 ft-9.4%
DH-Hicks-Alamitos1.68 mi-771 ft-8.7%
Hicks South Descent - Steep Part1.02 mi-659 ft-12.2%
Almaden TT3.85 mi-243 ft-1.1%
Dam 2 QS entrance0.74 mi-154 ft-3.5%
GOGOGO0.60 mi-43 ft-1.3%
Harry - McKean to Camden0.44 mi13 ft0.3%
IBM Hill1.17 mi440 ft7.1%
IBM Climb - Final Steep Bit0.14 mi72 ft9.9%
IBM Downhill1.07 mi-420 ft-7.4%
Santa Teresa - Bernal to Bailey2.81 mi62 ft0.3%
Hale Ave Bump0.31 mi52 ft3.1%
Santa Tersea Bump/Bailey light1.66 mi-30 ft-0.1%
Bailey to Stables3.07 mi295 ft1.6%
Bailey climb from ST1.64 mi184 ft2.1%
Bailey Flats1.18 mi30 ft0.4%
Bailey climb (safe)0.74 mi266 ft6.8%
Bailey to Harry4.13 mi-203 ft-0.8%
All the way from Calero to High School at Harry1.95 mi-75 ft-0.6%