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LS Tuesday 19/09/17 V2

Cycling Route

44.56 km
929 m
Created By
Big G O

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Ringinglow to top of Stanage3.62 km85 m2.3%
RINGINGLOW RD Climb (Fulwood Ln/Norfolk Arms - Derbyshire Sign)1.72 km81 m4.7%
Sprint to Derbyshire sign0.09 km0 m0.1%
Burbage Cattle Grid to Dennis Knoll (Stanage) Cattle Grid5.65 km-148 m-1.7%
Ringinlow Top (Cattlegrid to Dale Junction)1.62 km27 m0.3%
Crazy corner0.81 km32 m1.6%
The Dale Drop (short)0.83 km-54 m-6.5%
Stanage to Bamford5.69 km-149 m-2.6%
Dash to the Loo0.07 km2 m0.3%
Stabbage Edge Run1.59 km46 m0.9%
Short sharp0.23 km19 m8.3%
Gatehouse 2 climbs1.03 km35 m1.1%
Safe Descent!2.07 km-108 m-5.2%
Clough Punch0.28 km15 m4.9%
Bamford Descent1.44 km-103 m-7.1%
Power along the waterfront0.72 km9 m1.2%
Inn to Cutthroat1.31 km52 m4.0%
Last effort befor strines turn 1.25 km43 m3.4%
A57 to Sugworth0.76 km24 m3.1%
Sugworth Road Sprint0.45 km7 m1.0%
Race to Boots Folley1.65 km15 m0.1%
Sugworth - Blindside2.52 km-54 m-1.5%
Sprint Over The Tops0.59 km12 m1.8%
sugworth sprint0.51 km-22 m-4.4%
Blindside descent2.49 km-133 m-5.4%
Punchers chance to break,Bridge to Dam House2.64 km-17 m-0.1%
Plough to the Admiral5.02 km-28 m-0.3%
Plough to Dungworth junction 1.92 km17 m0.2%
Bus stop to Dungworth junction1.39 km-19 m-1.2%
Get Dam Aero for the Wall0.98 km-2 m-0.2%
Home Sprint over the Dam wall..0.41 km-2 m-0.5%
Dam to Nags Head0.43 km-10 m-0.2%
Nag's Head to Speed Sign1.58 km-9 m-0.3%
Dam to Loxley3.78 km-76 m-2.0%
One Last Sprint Before Sheff (Jct to 40 sign)0.25 km6 m1.9%
Loxley dash2.09 km-72 m-3.4%
Rivelin return4.41 km86 m1.9%
lights to WBR0.71 km17 m2.3%
Rivelin Grinder - watersmeet to hagg lane7.28 km141 m1.9%
Before the Hagg short sprint0.43 km16 m3.5%
rivelin valley ride3.24 km53 m1.6%
coppice lane decent0.24 km9 m3.8%
Rails Road to Den Bank Avenue2.03 km49 m2.4%
A57 Rivelin to Sportsman2.65 km68 m2.6%
Manchester road straight up0.73 km22 m3.0%
sprint up manchester road0.87 km11 m0.3%
Up to the allotments0.20 km11 m5.7%
Whiteley road0.84 km58 m6.9%
Ringinglow Rd Climb1.42 km91 m6.4%
Pothole Alley to Round House1.86 km83 m4.4%