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Fourmile, Gold Hill, P2P, Lefthand, Lee Hill

Cycling Route

45.14 mi
5,360 ft
Created By
Zach Edwards

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Remember Amy D0.17 mi10 ft1.2%
Show off in front of Taylor Phinney0.46 mi-36 ft-0.2%
Folsom (south) Pearl St. to Canyon0.24 mi-3 ft-0.2%
Folsom (south) Canyon to Arapahoe0.16 mi-0 ft-0.1%
Eben Fine to Tunnel0.79 mi144 ft3.0%
Base of the Canyon to Logan Mill4.47 mi771 ft3.3%
Park to 4mile path2.01 mi279 ft2.6%
1st Canyon to 2nd Canyon Bridge1.05 mi154 ft2.6%
Lower Fourmile Canyon4.89 mi869 ft3.3%
Fourmile to Gold Hill8.74 mi2,375 ft5.1%
Fourmile- Canyon to Poorman's1.81 mi295 ft3.1%
Four Mile Entrance to Betasso Link Lot2.70 mi505 ft3.5%
30 sec 4-mile sprint test (more accurate)0.21 mi3 ft0.1%
2 min 4-mile sprint test0.66 mi72 ft2.0%
30 sec 4-mile sprint test0.37 mi26 ft1.3%
County Road 118 Climb0.95 mi276 ft5.5%
Sprint to Poormans0.19 mi49 ft4.8%
Poorman to Gold Run intersection2.99 mi531 ft3.3%
Base of Poormans to Gold Hill4.22 mi1,089 ft4.9%
Fourmile U-turn Kicker0.35 mi112 ft5.8%
Crisman dip to fourmile/gold run split1.18 mi279 ft4.5%
Poorman to Todd's6.21 mi2,356 ft7.2%
Melvina Hill Rd Climb0.43 mi279 ft12.1%
Gold Run Road to Gold Hill (from the dirt)3.20 mi1,309 ft7.8%
ouchie part of gold run rd0.82 mi433 ft10.0%
Gold Run, switchbacks to top1.90 mi656 ft6.5%
Dixon to Gold Run St0.69 mi269 ft7.4%
County Highway 52 Climb1.29 mi505 ft7.4%
Gold Hill Rd from Switzerland Trail Climb3.69 mi837 ft4.1%
P2P to Utica Market0.41 mi-157 ft-7.1%
Lefthand dh to construction ish :/4.65 mi-1,283 ft-5.2%
Ward to Boulder over Lee Hill15.66 mi-3,317 ft-4.0%
Slingshot Out of Ward1.85 mi-768 ft-7.8%
Lefthand Canyon Dr Climb0.57 mi318 ft10.5%
W. Lee Hill First Steep Ramp0.31 mi151 ft8.9%
Lee Hill - L. Hand to Olde Stage4.37 mi-1,125 ft-2.8%
W Lee Hill1.25 mi469 ft7.1%
W Lee Hill Hard part0.65 mi344 ft9.9%
Lee Hill - West Approach0.51 mi292 ft10.8%
Lee Hill from Left Hand (super steep section)0.03 mi52 ft26.4%
W Lee Hill Hard part 2 0.32 mi164 ft9.7%
Spank the Black-Tail0.09 mi43 ft8.7%
Lee Hill descent3.12 mi-1,115 ft-6.8%
Lee Hill midway prime1.38 mi-495 ft-6.0%
W Lee Hill Short Sprint Hill0.36 mi59 ft2.8%
Lee Hill descent: blind corners0.81 mi-354 ft-8.3%
Cruzin' into NoBo1.00 mi-233 ft-4.4%
Kalmia Circle Climb0.47 mi276 ft11.0%
Downhill Deathsprint to Iris0.47 mi-66 ft-2.6%
19th Southbound0.60 mi-23 ft-0.8%