Past Month

ACC Winter Salt Box via Markeaton 50mls

Cycling Route

50.41 mi
2,845 ft
Cafe Stop at The Salt Box
Created By
Ant H

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Climb: Ashbourne to Corley lane2.02 mi233 ft2.2%
belper road bump to bradley cross1.73 mi190 ft2.0%
Gorse Lane0.93 mi98 ft2.0%
Dog rough0.74 mi-52 ft-0.1%
Hulland W to C of the H1.39 mi-72 ft-0.2%
cross o' the hands to keddleston road junction5.88 mi-417 ft-1.2%
Muggington Lane Dash3.42 mi-394 ft-2.1%
Mugginton lane - kedleston3.21 mi-341 ft-1.9%
Cock Inn Descent0.73 mi-184 ft-4.7%
Kedleston Road Short0.48 mi82 ft3.3%
kedleston rd hill0.78 mi105 ft2.2%
Kedleston Road Blast1.22 mi-138 ft-2.1%
Keddy Missile0.96 mi-102 ft-1.5%
crematorium lane / radbourne lane2.15 mi161 ft1.3%
markeaton ln0.45 mi66 ft2.7%
Last hill before home0.73 mi56 ft1.4%
Hackwood Blast0.94 mi26 ft0.4%
Radbourne Loop S11.14 mi-79 ft-1.0%
Heage Lane To Severn Wells1.42 mi-85 ft-1.0%
Etwall Climb0.47 mi49 ft2.0%
Egginton Road Sprint South1.18 mi-33 ft-0.5%
ETWALL SPRINT0.98 mi-30 ft-0.6%
Egginton Crossroads to Lucas Lane1.31 mi39 ft0.5%
Track to tesco0.88 mi39 ft0.5%
Track Kicker0.34 mi26 ft1.4%
Hilton Village to Salt box Cafe1.23 mi20 ft0.2%
Ripley Ramblers Drag Strip Romp0.79 mi10 ft0.0%
derby Road (from Marston Lane to Sutton Lane)0.96 mi13 ft0.1%
Station Road Climb0.48 mi502 ft19.8%
Tutbury0.18 mi66 ft6.8%
Straight up to Gypsum1.72 mi82 ft0.1%
Redhill Lane to A5153.37 mi-89 ft-0.1%
Full Toby's South0.58 mi39 ft0.9%
Toby's hill climb0.27 mi39 ft2.6%
Highwood Rd0.67 mi125 ft3.6%
Toothill Road - Kingfisher Way Descent0.64 mi-151 ft-4.5%
DOWN to the racecourse 0.45 mi-118 ft-4.9%
Highwood Speed Trap0.04 mi-16 ft-7.1%
TMW sprint0.23 mi7 ft0.4%
Uttoxeter Roundabout to Spath Roundabout0.90 mi26 ft0.3%
Rocester Flyover0.60 mi23 ft0.6%
Dove Way to JCB2.57 mi-20 ft-0.0%
Denstone to Ellastone1.84 mi164 ft0.7%
B5032 Quixhill Ascent0.75 mi161 ft4.0%
Quixhill Bank to Ellastone0.63 mi-52 ft-1.2%
Ellastone to Mayfield3.07 mi177 ft0.4%
Calwich climb0.50 mi157 ft5.9%