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Wilton Training Loop

Cycling Route

19.39 km
385 m
We'll be starting this loop at Micheal Herbert Hall (where car parking is available) at 7pm. If you fancy a bit more distance you can meet at Five Rivers ready to go at 6:15.


Turn left out of the car park, ride along the road to the crossroads where you turn left along the road and past the Bear Inn.

When the main road carries on left, turn off right onto a residential street, carry on under the railway bridge then turn left onto the track heading up the hill.

When the track forks keep right to head up to Grovely Woods where you'll see a green gate at the top of the climb. Turn left onto the single track just past the gate.

As the singletrack ends you will meet another main track, turn left onto the track and turn out of the woods. Carry on down this track untill it meets the A30 near Burcombe.

Turn right onto the main road briefly before turning left taking the road to the next farmyard. Here ride past the yard and onto the steep climb.

When you reach the next set of tracks turn left into the trees and left again down a singletrack descent after about 400m. Turn right back up the hill when you meet the next track and keep on climbing straight up untill you hit the ox drove.

Turn right onto the drove for about 1km, turn right again at the next gate onto a grassy track. Keep left as you follow the track into some tree lined singletrack back down to the A30 near Barford St Martin.

At the road turn right heading towards Barford St Martin, turn off onto Grovely Road leading you past the pub and back up towards the woods.

Turn right at the next track onto a chalky double trail (which can be super slippy in the wet!) follow this trail untill you reach the next set of tracks.

When you hit the tracks you can turn right and complete another 12km loop taking your total distance to 32km / 20 miles. Alternatively you can cross straight over to head back towards Wilton.

Turn right at the end of the trail and follow the descent back down to the railway bridge. You can then follow the roads back to the start.
Created By
James M

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Wilton West St (Lights to bend)0.35 km-3 m-0.6%
The Hollows By-Pass1.17 km62 m5.3%
Behind the Hollows / First Broad DR climb2.04 km99 m4.9%
Grovely Grovel0.50 km35 m6.9%
To the Horizon1.25 km93 m7.4%
Chalky hill climb1.37 km103 m7.5%
New Covert Pig Farm single track to double track0.94 km-36 m-3.2%
Field Row Descent (2nd Gate to Road)1.27 km-40 m-2.9%
Climb from Grovely Road0.73 km42 m5.6%
Driving the Ox Upward0.73 km45 m6.1%
Ox Drove Dip1.20 km-34 m-0.1%
Friars Peak SIngletrack Climb0.46 km33 m7.2%
Track junction to red buildings0.99 km-18 m-1.5%
Down Hollows By-Pass1.06 km-58 m-5.5%