Typical morning ride

Cycling Route

23.5 mi
1,758 ft
Created By
Kelly P

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Wyndham Dr Climb0.67 mi413 ft11.6%
First Weavers Hill0.34 mi98 ft5.0%
Cooks Climb0.61 mi62 ft1.9%
Weavers to the Church0.63 mi56 ft1.6%
910 climbing up from creek0.77 mi174 ft4.3%
Muffler Shop Hill0.14 mi82 ft10.9%
Amberly Crossover1.55 mi75 ft0.7%
Eversole Road Climb0.92 mi141 ft2.9%
Eversole Twisty Climb0.27 mi75 ft5.2%
Dive to the Line0.75 mi-95 ft-2.4%
Old School Grindin0.15 mi62 ft7.4%