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Birmingham 1st Part 21km Run

Running Route

16.43 km
143 m
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Walk Run Cycle

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Cube to St James Road bridge0.92 km6 m0.2%
Canal wharf to bridge1.46 km14 m0.7%
Mailbox to Uni Track3.44 km-17 m-0.0%
5 bridges South/west1.51 km-16 m-0.4%
Bridge to Bridge0.28 km-6 m-0.7%
Five Ways Station to University Station Canal2.93 km17 m0.0%
Vale to Uni Canal1.63 km14 m0.3%
Vale to Selly Oak2.67 km16 m0.2%
UoB Canal0.90 km-11 m-0.5%
Canal from Uni Station to Selly Oak1.12 km10 m0.1%
Canal: Uni St to Bournville St2.69 km17 m0.0%
The University to Pershore Push3.54 km17 m0.1%
Canal from Selly Oak to Bournbrook1.67 km-17 m-0.1%
Bournville station to Pershore0.73 km7 m0.1%
Rea Valley1.64 km-8 m-0.5%
Fordhouse Rd to Cartland Rd Run0.92 km-6 m-0.6%
Cartland to Dogpool0.67 km-6 m-0.8%
The Pebble Dash0.53 km-3 m-0.4%
1 mile - Red bin to Bandstand1.59 km12 m0.5%
Bridge to Bollards0.48 km-2 m-0.1%
Triangle to Rea Bridge0.45 km-3 m-0.4%
Fergal corner reverse (legend!)0.30 km-2 m-0.8%
Dam to Goose Corner0.22 km-3 m-1.3%
Chasing Ludford0.56 km26 m4.6%
Sir Harrys Steep Bit0.28 km19 m6.8%