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West County Zinger

Cycling Route

63.74 mi
4,083 ft
Created By
Tom Edwards

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Santa Rosa to Stony Point on the Greenway Trail1.97 mi-56 ft-0.3%
SR Creek Trail- Pierson-Stony Point (dirt)1.11 mi-20 ft-0.3%
Pierson to Fulton2.74 mi-52 ft-0.4%
Stony Point to Fulton - West1.59 mi-30 ft-0.3%
the donkey mile0.96 mi-26 ft-0.3%
Sanford Rd SB0.83 mi-26 ft-0.5%
Sanford to 116 on Oxy Rd.1.22 mi121 ft1.9%
Occidental Bump0.51 mi85 ft3.2%
116 To Barlow0.56 mi-59 ft-2.0%
116 to Mill Station1.48 mi-56 ft-0.5%
Occidental rd north to gilliam cemetery1.40 mi157 ft2.1%
Cemetery Sprint0.08 mi33 ft7.0%
Almost SRCC Speed Trap3.92 mi591 ft2.5%
Graton Hill1.79 mi443 ft4.7%
Watts1.20 mi312 ft4.9%
Top of Graton Rd heading west0.92 mi292 ft6.0%
Top o' Graton from the 40 mph sign0.29 mi115 ft7.4%
Top of Graton0.19 mi75 ft7.2%
Top of Graton - Camp Meeker2.24 mi-358 ft-3.0%
BLITZKRIEG0.37 mi-26 ft-1.3%
Occidental Start0.94 mi-121 ft-2.5%
Occidental to Monte Rio6.12 mi-502 ft-1.6%
Alliance Redwoods to Monte Rio3.76 mi-154 ft-0.5%
Monte Rio to Duncans Mills3.27 mi-69 ft-0.3%
Duncans Mills Rest Stop to Schoolhouse Beach Rest Stop Levi Gran Fondo Medio 20129.23 mi240 ft0.1%
Hwy 116 - Duncan Mills to Hwy 13.64 mi-72 ft-0.0%
Goat Rock Climb to GR Rd0.62 mi187 ft5.2%
Goat Rock to Coleman Valley Rd5.54 mi-246 ft-0.7%
Coleman Valley Climb4.34 mi1,024 ft4.4%
Coleman Valley Road at Highway0.80 mi394 ft9.2%
Coleman Valley Full Length (Hwy 1 to Occidental)10.11 mi1,040 ft1.1%
Coleman Valley Road1.55 mi787 ft9.5%
Coleman Valley - Steep Section0.85 mi466 ft10.3%
Coleman to Joy After Climb6.28 mi446 ft0.4%
Coleman Valley Rd (out of the valley)1.00 mi1,713 ft0.0%
Willow Creek Road to Occidental Stop Sign1.43 mi-453 ft-5.9%
Coleman Valley to Occidental0.85 mi-361 ft-8.0%
BoHo South DH - main bit1.16 mi-266 ft-4.3%
Occidental to Freestone3.61 mi-338 ft-1.6%
descent to salmon creek1.26 mi-223 ft-3.4%
Boho flats to Freestone2.23 mi-112 ft-0.9%
Freestone to Jonive0.64 mi233 ft6.8%
(DH)Barnett Valley>Tilton Rd(eastbound)1.22 mi-305 ft-4.7%
Bodega Climb from Ferguson0.39 mi112 ft5.4%
Watertrough to Ragle0.44 mi-49 ft-1.1%
The Whole Enchilada6.79 mi92 ft0.2%
Joe Rodota West of Fulton3.15 mi33 ft0.1%
Laguna to Llano1.38 mi20 ft0.2%
Joe Rodota Trail - Fulton to Stony Point1.46 mi30 ft0.4%
Joe Rodota to SR Ave0.49 mi26 ft0.5%