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Ultimate Sonoma County Ride

Cycling Route

66.35 mi
7,015 ft
Created By
Tom Edwards

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Occidental Start0.94 mi-121 ft-2.5%
occidental to river rd on boho hwy6.34 mi-522 ft-1.4%
Monte Rio 2.16 mi30 ft0.1%
LGF - Monte Rio to Cazadero rest stop9.07 mi102 ft0.2%
Cazadero Highway to Cazadero6.01 mi66 ft0.2%
King Ridge - Complete16.19 mi1,624 ft1.2%
Cazadero1.14 mi85 ft1.3%
Initial King Ridge Climb5.32 mi945 ft3.4%
King Ridge Bearpen Bridge to 1st Ridge5.38 mi1,312 ft4.6%
King Ridge Rd Climb0.55 mi223 ft7.6%
1st climb- King Ridge1.24 mi705 ft10.7%
King Ridge - Main Climb6.67 mi1,322 ft3.8%
King Ridge Rd Climb0.98 mi292 ft5.6%
2nd Climb Kings Ridge0.75 mi371 ft9.2%
King Ridge (final climb from Caz)0.95 mi240 ft4.4%
Top of Kings to Hauser Bridge6.35 mi-1,316 ft-3.8%
King RidgeSketchy Cattle Guard Descent3.59 mi-669 ft-3.5%
Cattle Guard!!!1.93 mi-413 ft-4.0%
King Ridge Roller Coaster DH2.62 mi-643 ft-4.6%
Poff DH0.89 mi-367 ft-7.8%
King Ridge Sketchy Cattle Guard Mini0.68 mi-279 ft-7.7%
King Ridge Summit to Hauser Bridge DH1.13 mi-682 ft-11.4%
Hauser Bridge to peak8.02 mi1,175 ft2.5%
Hauser Bridge Rd to Ratna Ling1.54 mi673 ft8.2%
Hauser Bridge Road Climb0.74 mi269 ft6.8%
1 2 Race ? Kruse to Timber3.36 mi338 ft0.2%
Seaview Road1.26 mi312 ft4.7%
Top of Seaview - Timber Cove to Meadow1.24 mi463 ft7.0%
Seaview Climb - The Big Grunt0.47 mi230 ft9.2%
Top "Flat"3.05 mi131 ft0.3%
Meyer's Grade Rest Stop0.33 mi-26 ft-0.5%
Drop To The Ocean4.83 mi-1,578 ft-6.2%
Meyers Grade Big Balls DH1.61 mi-807 ft-9.5%
Meyers Grade Road to Jenner - Hwy 15.03 mi-587 ft-2.2%
Russian Gulch Downhill1.70 mi-522 ft-5.8%
Russian Gulch-Jenner2.61 mi207 ft0.3%
Russian Gulch Climb0.37 mi167 ft8.3%
Jenner Sprint1.98 mi-115 ft-0.9%
Willow Creek - End to End10.62 mi1,240 ft1.8%
Willow Creek First Gate-Road Block4.73 mi1,050 ft4.2%
05/12/10 Jenner, CA1.66 mi407 ft4.6%
Willow Creek Climb4.01 mi1,135 ft5.4%
Willow Creek gate-to-gate3.50 mi1,027 ft5.6%
05/10/10 Bodega Bay, CA1.50 mi433 ft5.4%
Upper Barn Trailhead to Willow Creek Upper Roadblock2.44 mi650 ft5.0%
The Other Sisters...0.14 mi95 ft12.6%
The Evil Sisters0.21 mi66 ft5.4%
Willow Creek Parking to Coleman Valley1.75 mi-240 ft-1.9%
Willow Creek Road to Occidental Stop Sign1.43 mi-453 ft-5.9%
Coleman Valley to Occidental0.85 mi-361 ft-8.0%