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QSER Course Preview #2: Dogmeat

Running Route

21.03 mi
5,114 ft
100k miles 17.6 - 32 & 11.8 - 17.6
Created By
Stuart Taylor

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Up Alma Bridge from trail0.29 mi75 ft4.8%
Second up to Priest Rock0.38 mi75 ft3.6%
Limekiln Trail Climb1.09 mi446 ft7.8%
Priest Rock to Limekiln Climb2.43 mi981 ft6.9%
Priest Rock Trail 2 Kennedy Trail Junction3.98 mi1,864 ft8.9%
Up and Over - Lexington to Kennedy7.72 mi1,818 ft0.1%
Limekiln Trail Climb1.05 mi669 ft12.0%
Priest Rock (aka "Dog Meat") Climb1.46 mi961 ft12.4%
Limekiln Trail Climb0.22 mi174 ft14.5%
Final Push0.35 mi354 ft18.8%
Priest Rock: Last Tree to Top0.15 mi112 ft9.0%
Sierra Azul Kennedy Descent4.00 mi-1,834 ft-8.6%
Kennedy - Climb on the way Down0.11 mi49 ft7.9%
Kennedy Trail Descent2.87 mi-1,631 ft-10.7%
Tree to Gate Descent2.26 mi-1,014 ft-8.4%
Last Mile Descent1.03 mi-233 ft-4.0%
Kennedy descent - Last push to gate0.71 mi-148 ft-1.5%
Ouch1.46 mi466 ft5.7%
Kennedy gate to Powerlines6.01 mi2,205 ft6.9%
Dan's Segment3.75 mi1,709 ft8.3%
Kennedy Trail Gate to Priest Rock Intersection3.84 mi1,827 ft8.9%
First Mile Time Trial (No Puking)1.03 mi348 ft3.8%
Kennedy Trail - Gate to Potty Tree2.24 mi1,010 ft8.4%
Up the Wazoo Sierra Azul5.35 mi2,110 ft7.2%
LKHC Kennedy (Run)3.79 mi1,834 ft9.1%
Kennedy first 3 miles2.98 mi1,355 ft8.5%
Kennedy trail head to top3.66 mi1,739 ft8.8%
Climb Kennedy to Limeklin Intersection5.31 mi2,067 ft7.1%
Kennedy warmup hill0.24 mi148 ft10.1%
Kennedy Rd Climb0.22 mi131 ft10.9%
Kennedy Trail Climb0.47 mi236 ft9.3%
Kennedy Trail Climb2.78 mi1,627 ft11.1%
Kennedy Trail Climb0.35 mi226 ft11.7%
Oak Tree to Summit (MGR)1.64 mi807 ft9.1%
Kennedy Trail Climb0.20 mi138 ft13.0%
Kennedy Trail - Final Hill0.17 mi151 ft16.3%
Kennedy Trail Climb0.22 mi164 ft13.6%
Priest Rock to Woods Rd1.41 mi358 ft3.1%
The Ridge (MGR)1.47 mi338 ft2.9%
Kennedy Trail Climb0.61 mi266 ft8.3%
Woods Rd Climb0.29 mi144 ft9.1%
Woods Rd Climb0.29 mi154 ft10.0%
Limekiln descent - Woods to Priest Rock2.94 mi-1,417 ft-8.0%
Sierra Azul - Limekiln Trail - Kennedy to Trough1.55 mi-981 ft-11.9%
Limekiln Steep Downhill1.46 mi-830 ft-10.7%
Limekiln Descent2.03 mi-971 ft-9.0%
Limekiln Trail Climb0.32 mi190 ft11.1%