20KM for 65 Roses

Cycling Route

20.79 km
76 m
Created By
David Gannon

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
new rd sprint0.28 km-7 m-2.6%
New Road Sprint (Long)0.61 km-2 m-0.4%
Hollystown GC to Kinoristown6.89 km-8 m-0.0%
kilbride rd sprint0.28 km-7 m-2.3%
Kilbride to The Hub4.95 km-8 m-0.0%
pebble brook sprint W0.20 km-2 m-1.0%
Bracetown to Clonee over Flyover2.10 km-8 m-0.4%
uphill sprint0.25 km7 m2.8%
Exit Left0.21 km8 m3.7%
Clonee parallel east bound1.01 km-6 m-0.2%
Damastown Sprint - East0.99 km-2 m-0.2%
Go to Work Damaston Challenge1.96 km28 m1.4%
Damastown Hill Challenge1.41 km24 m1.4%
Damastown Drag1.36 km24 m1.5%
Damastown Hill0.56 km16 m2.9%
Cruiserath Road1.23 km-7 m-0.4%
esb drag0.68 km3 m0.4%