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Bagel Run 18M

Running Route

18.1 mi
1,104 ft
Created By
Howard County Striders

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Striders Run to the Water Stop4.72 mi-128 ft-0.3%
Harpers Farm Hill0.20 mi52 ft4.4%
Centennial Entrance from Clarksville/Centennial Ln0.31 mi-62 ft-3.9%
North Centennial Clockwise 0.80 mi-33 ft-0.0%
Mick's Thursday Tempo2.93 mi-59 ft-0.0%
Centennial Drag0.15 mi16 ft1.6%
Cent Lake to Lake K1.97 mi-105 ft-0.5%
West Running Brook1.03 mi-49 ft-0.9%
W Running Brook Ramble (Reverse)1.04 mi-56 ft-1.0%
Wilde Lake to Lake K0.41 mi-30 ft-1.4%
Over & up0.42 mi89 ft3.9%
Thunder Hill to Oakland Mills0.59 mi23 ft0.3%
Cradlerock Sprint0.50 mi36 ft1.1%
Paths - Youngheart to Clearsmoke Totlot0.63 mi36 ft0.1%
Down & Over0.43 mi-62 ft-2.8%
Hidden Brook Path0.42 mi33 ft1.4%
Striders Finish1.93 mi128 ft1.2%
WLL #3: Boathouse to Bridge0.41 mi-7 ft-0.2%
Wilde Lake to Hespers0.86 mi39 ft0.4%
Babbling Brook Path :-)0.57 mi69 ft2.3%