Friday Stage 2 UCI Men RR - Joe Martin Stage Race

Cycling Route

113.32 mi
7,124 ft
Created By
Bruce Dunn
March 16, 2018·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
County Road 310 Climb1.04 mi269 ft4.9%
Wesley to 458.08 mi456 ft0.3%
Madison 7710 Climb1.17 mi312 ft5.0%
303 between gravel0.98 mi197 ft3.8%
Arkansas 23 Climb0.98 mi351 ft6.8%
23 Downhill to St. Paul turn off. 1.90 mi-459 ft-4.5%
Col du Meth1.26 mi312 ft4.7%
Col du Meth part deux0.53 mi210 ft7.3%
Col du Meth steep0.28 mi151 ft9.7%
Col du Meth steep (correct)0.20 mi138 ft12.7%
E Black Oak Rd Climb1.08 mi282 ft4.9%
black oak from south harris1.52 mi338 ft4.1%
Black Oak northside downhill1.22 mi-358 ft-5.5%
Black Oak Down!0.88 mi-305 ft-6.4%
Puddin Hill0.52 mi30 ft1.0%
JMSR finishing climb1.72 mi410 ft4.5%
Spring Street Climb to Fletcher0.22 mi157 ft13.2%
First Spring db0.13 mi105 ft15.5%