Cleator Moor, Lake Distract

Cycling Route

24.93 km
639 m
Cleator moor, Lake District Mountain bike route
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Ian C
March 17, 2018·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Nannycatch Rd Climb1.41 km106 m7.5%
Nanny Catch Climb1.09 km94 m8.6%
Nannycatch Rd1.02 km90 m8.8%
Yeeeee ha1.33 km26 m-1.8%
Uldale "The" Bottom0.91 km22 m-2.2%
Climb up to High Winder gate0.83 km60 m7.0%
Friar Gill Descent0.70 km31 m-4.3%
Bridge to bridge1.30 km49 m-2.7%
Calderbridge bends climb0.43 km38 m8.8%
Z bends to cattle grid2.21 km117 m5.3%
S bends to cold fell summit5.82 km203 m3.5%
cold fell hill too carpark only4.48 km167 m3.7%
Bleas Climb0.97 km80 m8.2%
Attack at the bin!!0.28 km12 m4.0%
Attack the other bin0.53 km8 m1.4%
Cattle grid sprint0.14 km8 m5.0%
The last bin bash0.53 km34 m6.5%
CONKERS DEEP!!!1.04 km133 m-12.7%
No more help from gravity0.29 km15 m-2.6%
Nannycatch Beck to Nannycatch Rd1.71 km50 m1.7%
flat fell sprint0.94 km12 m1.0%
Nanny catch He who Dares Descent.0.93 km85 m-9.0%