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Killing it in Kent

Cycling Route

115.12 km
2,038 m
Kentish Killer route
Created By
Nick Hobbs | Blackmore Cycling Apparel

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Exedon down steep part1.14 km-99 m-8.7%
M26 Sprint0.10 km-5 m-5.0%
Bates Hill to Ismays Rd0.94 km53 m5.6%
DipDab0.32 km12 m3.5%
Carters Hill0.88 km95 m10.7%
Carter's Hill: First Ramp0.27 km27 m9.9%
Carter's Hill - top steep part0.42 km53 m12.5%
Hubbards Hill - Crossroad to top1.42 km111 m7.5%
Down a Bayley's1.55 km-81 m-5.2%
Station Hill0.60 km37 m6.1%
Unhinged Hill Top Finish5.11 km101 m1.8%
Fordcombe Climb2.30 km97 m4.2%
UnhingedCycling Sprint Test0.34 km4 m1.3%
OFFICIAL 100Climbs No115 Ashdown Forest7.62 km178 m2.3%
Cherry Gardens Climb1.58 km69 m4.3%
Climb To The Ashdown Forest Sign0.60 km27 m4.5%
Black Hill Bottom to Top3.56 km160 m4.5%
TOS St 3 finish1.09 km68 m6.2%
Get the worst of it out the way0.63 km41 m6.5%
5 minutes in to the climb 1.98 km97 m4.9%
Attack to stay away2.34 km89 m3.8%
Scioglimento gelato1.00 km-10 m-1.0%
Kidds hill to Hartfield (full)3.97 km-147 m-2.7%
One Mile Drop1.63 km-86 m-5.3%
Markbeech drop2.13 km-83 m-3.9%
Hever Sprint0.28 km10 m3.5%
Hever to How Green0.96 km25 m2.4%
Hever to Bough Beech1.98 km28 m0.4%
How ?0.26 km12 m4.7%
Lever outa Hever 0.08 km2 m2.6%
Bough Beech to Ide Hill Village Hall5.10 km76 m0.1%
Ide Hill Road to village hall1.61 km95 m5.9%
Up, over and down Ide Hill (to Sundridge)5.34 km-116 m-0.1%
Memorial Sprint0.28 km9 m3.1%
Ide Hill Village to A253.68 km-116 m-3.1%
Ovenden Rd + Sundridge Hill3.56 km136 m3.6%
Sundridge Hill1.55 km106 m6.8%
Sunrdige steeper section0.54 km72 m13.1%
Blueberry Lane (sprint)0.35 km-14 m-3.6%
End to End Shoreham Lane0.89 km-15 m-0.4%
HAW-HE0.36 km-8 m-0.2%
Twitton Turbo - race to the Otford village sign1.06 km-29 m-2.6%
Twitton to Otford1.69 km-41 m-2.4%
RowDow from the River2.66 km153 m5.7%
Station Road Otford0.52 km19 m3.7%
PW2ROWDOW0.55 km21 m3.8%
Row Dow (not including Pilgrims Way!)0.80 km90 m11.2%
Row Dow (steep top section)0.30 km40 m13.0%
Tinker pot hill0.38 km45 m12.0%