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Pinehurst, Grizzly Peak Loop

Cycling Route

27.9 mi
2,236 ft
Created By
Mary Ann J

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Kicker after Orinda Bart0.22 mi16 ft1.5%
Moraga Way South (Camino Encinas to Valley View)1.94 mi233 ft2.2%
Moraga Way South3.94 mi207 ft0.1%
Moraga Way - Overhill to Glorietta1.20 mi102 ft1.6%
Moraga Road Climb 3% (just the climb, Wilshire Dr. to crest after Valley View)1.20 mi180 ft2.8%
Los Cerros to Orchard Sprint0.30 mi39 ft2.4%
Moraga Way South Descent - TWDT1.95 mi-197 ft-1.9%
Ivy to Southwaite Sprint0.22 mi-39 ft-3.2%
Moraga Way - Woodland to El Camino Moraga0.54 mi-52 ft-1.8%
Miramonte to MCC0.53 mi-23 ft-0.8%
Moraga Way Sprint0.27 mi-23 ft-1.7%
Canyon to Pinehurst1.73 mi135 ft0.2%
Canyon Rd from Moraga0.62 mi89 ft2.6%
Pinehurst from Canyon Rd.3.94 mi709 ft3.4%
Pinehurst to Hairpin2.83 mi364 ft2.0%
Pinehurst to Berkeley Lookout (skyline)7.72 mi958 ft2.2%
Pinehurst Climb from Lower Hairpin1.24 mi413 ft6.3%
Pinehurst - Lower Hairpin to Upper Hairpin0.75 mi203 ft5.1%
Pinehurst hairpin to Skyline/Grizzly2.87 mi597 ft3.9%
Pinehurst Upper Hairpin to Skyline0.46 mi203 ft8.3%
Pinehurst to snake home sprint0.80 mi26 ft0.4%
Skyline/Pinehurst - Grizzly Peak/Centennial7.03 mi436 ft0.1%
Skyline North From Pinehurst to Grizzly1.61 mi184 ft2.2%
Skyline climb (Huckelberry - Sibley)0.35 mi121 ft6.4%
End of Skyline Sprint (Sibley to Grizzly)0.12 mi26 ft4.2%
Grizzly Grind3.54 mi344 ft1.2%
Tunnel/Grizzly to Claremont/Fish Ranch2.32 mi-144 ft-0.9%
Grizzly Peak Flight1.16 mi-131 ft-1.6%
Grizzly Bump before Claremont, North Bound0.36 mi43 ft2.3%
GPB descent to Claremont/Fish Ranch0.28 mi-75 ft-5.0%
slow motion0.16 mi43 ft5.1%
Grizzly Peak climb (Claremont to Wilder fire rd gate)0.82 mi269 ft6.2%
The slingshot0.25 mi85 ft6.3%
Grizzly Peak - Claremont to Summit1.49 mi328 ft4.0%
Steam Train climb, upper part0.64 mi180 ft5.3%
Grizzly Plateau to Lomas0.36 mi85 ft4.4%
Grizzly Peak Sprint - South Park to Summit0.12 mi10 ft0.2%
Grizzly Peak descent (top of grade to Centennial)1.41 mi-390 ft-5.2%
Grizzly Peak Blvd - Sprint at Shasta Road0.14 mi33 ft2.8%
Smooth Pavement0.66 mi-128 ft-3.6%
Top of Spruce to Inspiration Point3.32 mi217 ft1.2%
Grizzly Peak to Brazilian Room2.04 mi171 ft1.4%
Wildcat (Shasta - Inspiration Point)0.97 mi85 ft0.8%
Wildcat (South Park to Inspiration Point Parking Lot)1.23 mi115 ft1.8%
WILDCAT - SOUTH PARK TO SPDR 3.59 mi-587 ft-2.5%
descent from inspiration point2.31 mi-597 ft-4.8%
Wildcat Canyon Inspiration Point to El Toyonal1.40 mi-230 ft-3.0%
Lower Wildcat Descent, Toyonal to Camino Pablo0.93 mi-371 ft-7.5%
Camino Pablo (Bear Creek to Orinda BART)2.10 mi85 ft0.4%
Camino Pablo0.72 mi59 ft1.5%