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FEE - Juin 2018 - Version Longue

Cycling Route

109.73 km
1,907 m
Created By
Francois D

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
RP Sutton Sprint (Rue Principal Sud)1.70 km-15 m-0.8%
The real scenic road climb7.33 km183 m2.5%
Scenic 1st part to Darrah1.81 km47 m2.4%
Scenic Road6.41 km135 m2.1%
Scenic Highway to des Églises E6.48 km128 m1.9%
Scenic bosse 31.61 km59 m3.6%
RT scenic ( montée ouest )0.64 km55 m8.6%
Descente Scenic2.80 km-153 m-5.5%
Ch. Vallée Missisquoi (direction Mansonville)14.07 km-37 m-0.1%
intervalles sur route B.M3.94 km-19 m-0.4%
Dunkin to 2434.06 km34 m0.3%
RP Intersection Ch.Vallee Missisquoi/Route 243 to Mansonville3.44 km32 m0.9%
Assault on Mansonville0.37 km22 m5.8%
Montée Vale-Perkins4.99 km120 m2.4%
ChValeePerkinsLong6.16 km138 m2.2%
Vale Perkins West Climb6.77 km126 m1.8%
Montée Vale Perkins (short)2.31 km54 m2.3%
Knowlton Landing north climb2.01 km74 m3.7%
Chemin Mountain Climb1.32 km84 m6.4%
knowlton jump0.66 km44 m6.0%
Descente Cooledge1.41 km-62 m-4.4%
Austin-Bolton Climb3.22 km78 m2.3%
Route Nicholas-Austin après Cooledge1.19 km60 m4.9%
Descente Spa Bolton1.41 km-74 m-5.2%
Missisquoi One0.59 km25 m3.5%
Bolton Pass: Fusée to Stagecoach4.77 km68 m0.9%
RP Knowlton Route 104 to Chemin Tibbits Hill3.69 km30 m0.7%
RP Chemin Stagecoach to Chemin Mont Echo5.70 km-46 m-0.6%
RP Chemin Stagecoach to Sutton (Ch. Academy)10.59 km-46 m-0.3%
RP Descent - Chemin de la Vallee (Steepest Part)1.87 km-39 m-2.1%
Col de Maple0.66 km41 m6.1%
Maple au parking4.22 km203 m4.8%
Montée Maple3.57 km202 m5.7%
Chemin Réal (sans rue Principale)4.19 km225 m5.4%
Col du Montagnard2.11 km122 m5.7%
Pinède à Sutton Heights 2.19 km124 m5.7%
Maple@Poissant -> Maple@Boulanger2.72 km152 m5.6%
Descente Maple 24.23 km-206 m-4.8%
Maple descent from Boulanger3.84 km-215 m-5.6%
Maple - Flat out downhill.3.34 km-151 m-4.5%