Jasper Disaster

Cycling Route

58.7 mi
4,847 ft
2018 Tour de Hills 60 Mile Course
Created By
Paul Gigliotti

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Jasper Disaster Course57.37 mi1,552 ft0.0%
Harrison to Jasper17.92 mi-423 ft-0.2%
Lil Abner's Tour de Dogpatch1.57 mi-108 ft-0.7%
The Schmoo0.91 mi-30 ft-0.1%
Mill Creek Descent0.68 mi-220 ft-6.0%
Pruitt Climb1.21 mi397 ft6.2%
Pruitt0.87 mi295 ft6.4%
Pruit descent (7 headed south)1.32 mi-285 ft-4.0%
Highway 327 Climb0.80 mi335 ft7.8%
Mount Sherman3.24 mi1,217 ft7.1%
Jasper to Ponca13.47 mi1,266 ft0.2%
Mount Sherman4.36 mi1,204 ft5.1%
AR 74 descent part 1! (Horshoe turn through Low Gap)1.09 mi-400 ft-6.9%
Arkansas 74 Descent 1.19 mi-522 ft-8.2%
74 descent to bridge from steel creek1.19 mi-482 ft-7.7%
AR 74 Decent1.37 mi-509 ft-7.0%
Ponca - 43 Climb2.77 mi1,106 ft7.5%
Ponca Climb (lost valley canoe to Compton Top)3.93 mi1,230 ft5.9%
Ponca toward Compton2.45 mi1,083 ft8.2%
WELCOME TO COMPTON4.26 mi-282 ft-0.7%
Possum Trot Northbound0.29 mi115 ft6.9%
Highway 43 Climb0.63 mi285 ft8.6%
Gaither Descent2.17 mi-702 ft-6.1%
Creel to Fowler's Windy Twenty1.54 mi121 ft1.2%
Forest Heights Sprint0.74 mi-151 ft-3.9%