Berwick Cycles Saturday (more) Social Bunch Ride

Cycling Route

40.22 km
724 m
Created By
Kristjan Snorrason

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Manuka Rd - Southside0.49 km24 m4.5%
Payne Rd - B.Emerald to O'Neil Road2.49 km108 m3.6%
Payne + Oneil5.69 km-110 m-0.2%
The Payne Cave2.45 km107 m3.7%
payne rd creek to top1.70 km87 m5.1%
Payne Road Proper1.05 km75 m7.1%
All Ascending here0.68 km56 m6.8%
Payne rd Pinch0.14 km-8 m-2.1%
Just to keep you honest0.76 km19 m0.1%
Payne Rd Pinch0.24 km4 m0.6%
Armytage to bottom1.37 km-63 m-4.1%
Roundabout review1.86 km-67 m-3.6%
The straight run down to Hwy1.01 km-39 m-3.2%
Can't stop at the roundabout!!0.68 km-26 m-3.9%
The easy bit0.63 km-14 m-1.4%
Brunt to Starling2.23 km-18 m-0.6%
Whiteside to Bayview Sprint1.31 km-18 m-1.2%
7/11 to Starling dash0.74 km5 m0.4%
Brown Road to Split Rock Road5.85 km173 m3.0%
Officer_Upper_Beac Rd4.09 km123 m2.9%
Itsy Bitsy Spider5.76 km174 m3.0%
O U B rd Climb3.99 km112 m2.8%
Officer rd4.10 km117 m2.8%
O U B and Salisbury rd climb. 5.75 km167 m2.9%
dickie to split rock4.03 km161 m3.9%
Dickie Rd Climb2.19 km105 m4.8%
the 1km burner1.23 km75 m6.1%
Dickie Rd Climb1.90 km97 m5.1%
officer upper beacy steep bit1.65 km84 m5.1%
Aqua Duck to 3661.09 km85 m6.5%
Officer-upper-beaconsfield rd0.50 km33 m6.6%
Split Rock Sth to Nth3.22 km-34 m-0.4%
Launching into the Split1.27 km-32 m-2.5%
Split Rock Road1.71 km29 m0.8%
Be gone before you know it0.47 km-11 m-0.3%
Rock'N'Roll0.42 km-19 m-4.0%
The Rock grind0.96 km35 m3.4%
To bottom of Rock0.98 km-28 m-1.9%
split rock to stoney creek0.53 km-19 m-3.5%
Up to Albers0.22 km32 m13.9%
Stoney creek to Harkaway rd6.05 km-109 m-0.7%
Stoney creek to Red Hill rd2.15 km-44 m-1.0%
Trailmix Top of the Pops0.49 km33 m6.1%
Gravity sucks1.70 km-81 m-4.7%
Boundary Road Narre East2.04 km66 m3.2%
Up!0.46 km43 m9.1%
Col d'Abeckett0.47 km22 m4.0%
A'Becket to Gardner5.22 km-108 m-1.8%
Harkaway rd descent 3.79 km-120 m-3.2%
Big Ring Fling2.20 km-65 m-2.9%