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BIMA Spring Ride - 60km

Cycling Route

58.33 km
1,248 m
Created By
Charles Parkinson

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Watermill Entrance to Punchbowl Lane0.30 km4 m0.3%
The Old Road to Dorking0.49 km8 m0.1%
High Street - BP to Sainsburys0.45 km9 m1.9%
Pump Corner to Vincent Road0.30 km3 m1.0%
Coldharbour lane full3.06 km126 m4.1%
The Full Leith from Knoll Rd7.93 km153 m1.8%
OFFICIAL 100Climbs No118 Coldharbour Lane3.12 km142 m4.6%
Coldharbour Steep bit to pub3.08 km131 m3.8%
Boar Hill, First Steep part0.98 km90 m9.2%
Coldharbour first steep bit to Logmore Lane0.50 km56 m11.1%
Hello old friend.0.71 km42 m5.0%
Ewhurst hill half0.66 km-28 m-4.1%
Ewhurst Blast!0.58 km-15 m-2.0%
Lump0.24 km2 m0.7%
Bookhurst Road2.52 km-30 m-1.1%
Corner to roundabout 1.46 km-23 m-0.8%
bookhurst road climb sprint0.39 km14 m3.5%
2 in 11.07 km10 m1.0%
climb sprint0.45 km14 m2.5%
Swallowhurst Climb0.24 km7 m2.7%
OFFICIAL 100Climbs No120 Barhatch Lane2.45 km147 m6.0%
Barhatch1.39 km94 m6.7%
Mid-Barhatch climb 0.63 km43 m6.9%
Barhatach climb0.75 km83 m11.0%
Winterfold short0.31 km47 m14.8%
steep steep steep0.36 km31 m8.4%
OFFICIAL 100Climbs No116 Combe Lane1.67 km112 m6.7%
Combe Lane1.13 km91 m8.0%
Coombe - The Bend0.23 km29 m12.5%
LOS 2017 same as old part 29.35 km-89 m-0.1%
Fullers Farm Rd Climb0.58 km-3 m-0.2%
Green Dene down to Chalk lane2.87 km-80 m-2.8%
Green dene Downhill2.17 km-72 m-3.3%
Crocknorth0.74 km70 m9.3%
Crocknorth Rd Climb2.38 km87 m3.7%
Crocknorth Rd climb to Bridge0.47 km49 m10.4%
Crocknorth Wall0.36 km42 m11.5%
Turnaround to Critten1.63 km13 m0.1%
Ranmore Common Eastwards4.49 km-19 m-0.0%
Critten to Hogden1.03 km13 m0.9%
Ranmore Run2.72 km-14 m-0.3%
Ranmore East Ramp 10.48 km7 m0.7%
Ranmore from car park1.77 km-12 m-0.6%
Ranmore East Ramp 20.87 km-8 m-0.4%
DV Ranmore Common Official Sprint1.27 km6 m0.1%
The Common, No Trees0.78 km-7 m-0.9%
Perfectly Safe Descent from Ranmore1.77 km-114 m-6.4%
Ranmore Decent2.52 km-137 m-5.4%
Safe Ranmore Descent (before rubbish tip entry)1.21 km-89 m-7.3%
Pipp Brook0.54 km14 m1.8%