Texas Tough Duathlon Bike

Cycling Route

15.47 mi
1,151 ft
Course updated in 2021 to include the loop at halfway.
Created By
Alli Saroni | Paragon Training

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Bruce's Hill0.20 mi46 ft4.1%
Run to the cattleguard 0.70 mi-46 ft-0.7%
Up Up Up4.14 mi427 ft1.9%
Ed's initial climb0.88 mi131 ft2.8%
Ed's Subsequent Climb0.50 mi39 ft1.4%
Buckhorn Climb0.82 mi171 ft3.9%
Whitworth Climb0.30 mi105 ft6.4%
Buckhorn Climb - Part 20.50 mi72 ft2.7%
Rolling Home6.92 mi-486 ft-1.3%
Fast and Furious!!!0.67 mi-157 ft-4.5%
Creek To Karch1.21 mi135 ft2.1%