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North Okanagan Loop

Cycling Route

142.45 km
1,607 m
Created By
OK Routes

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Wood Lake Southbound (no pedestrian path)5.91 km-2 m-0.0%
Wood Lake West S B 5 km5.09 km-2 m-0.0%
Oceola Rd from Bike path0.85 km60 m7.0%
Into Okanagan Centre1.57 km-45 m-2.5%
OK Centre Flats4.01 km-39 m-0.9%
OK Centre Climb2.61 km152 m5.8%
Okanagan Centre Climb (new road)2.14 km146 m6.8%
OKC made to bust E-bike Riders (Glorified Scooters)1.75 km128 m7.3%
Okanagan Centre Rd W (Lakestone Dr to Tyndall Rd)0.82 km61 m7.4%
Up through the bends0.61 km56 m9.1%
Glenmore Rd - South7.93 km-83 m-0.1%
Flying old guy5.38 km-85 m-1.4%
Pump at the Dump0.32 km13 m3.4%
Begbie to Scenic0.78 km-2 m-0.1%
Snowshill to Kane2.37 km-37 m-1.5%
Union to Dallas1.06 km-17 m-1.6%
Glenmore sprint0.74 km-4 m-0.4%
High times0.89 km-5 m-0.3%
Clifton to Richter1.51 km-7 m-0.4%
Sunrype!0.77 km4 m0.3%
Dolphin Dragstrip 0.39 km1 m0.0%
Whole Bridge West1.33 km18 m0.4%
Bridge Burp - West0.46 km12 m1.5%
climb beyond the grave0.58 km33 m5.7%
Bridge Hill to Westside Rd1.40 km52 m3.7%
Westside Rd to Bear Creek Rd1.60 km-30 m-1.8%
Highway to Little Kingdom51.27 km-174 m-0.1%
Hwy 97 to La Casa29.13 km115 m0.2%
Trader's Cove Climb0.89 km72 m8.1%
Wilson landing hill climb 0.31 km28 m9.0%
LOR to La Casa12.17 km66 m0.1%
Westside Road Climb0.56 km81 m14.4%
Fintry through S bend hammer4.65 km-124 m-2.0%
Double Down2.38 km53 m2.1%
Westside 20 km TT20.05 km-39 m-0.0%
Parker's Cove - Little Kingdom5.94 km-25 m-0.0%
Westside TT10.08 km-35 m-0.1%
Hwy 97 hill1.04 km49 m4.7%
Okanagan Climb2.49 km60 m2.4%
Old Kamloops Road S8.93 km-55 m-0.5%
old kamloops rd S to light7.70 km-28 m-0.2%
Old Kamloops Bump0.62 km24 m3.8%
wwwwwhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!1.26 km-30 m-2.2%
FORE!1.15 km16 m1.4%
Kal rd bike path south1.96 km17 m0.4%
It's not as hard as you think1.01 km9 m0.9%
Kick Willy to Kekuli7.37 km-17 m-0.2%
Rail Trail Coldstream to Oyama16.81 km-8 m-0.0%
Freaking Beautiful!4.22 km24 m0.5%
Fun's over, time to pedal6.05 km-8 m-0.0%