New Moat Loop_19.43Mi_1756ft

Cycling Route

19.43 mi
1,756 ft
Created By
Leighton P

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Bridge and up0.57 mi72 ft2.1%
Priory Row Climb0.99 mi302 ft5.7%
Ouch0.15 mi52 ft6.5%
Parkstone wood toward Newmoat1.26 mi279 ft4.1%
Remoat0.72 mi148 ft3.8%
Gelli to Bethesda T junction1.09 mi272 ft4.6%
Gelli to Bethesda hill0.37 mi203 ft10.4%
Gelli0.49 mi56 ft2.1%
B4313 Hill To Redstone0.94 mi243 ft4.6%
Main to D P builders 0.37 mi43 ft1.9%