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Road - Marbella (Level - Advanced)

Cycling Route

123.05 km
2,868 m
The route begins in FMK, and we take the northwest direction, looking forward the climb of Míjas, daring before the old town of Benalmádena. A nice climb of approximately 8 km with a spectacular view of the coast. We continue our route heading towards the town of Coín, where before arriving, we will take the road to the beautiful town of Monda. Without a doubt, it is worth stopping to take a breath and contemplate it. We take the South direction, towards the town of Ojén, which opens the door to the city of Marbella with an exceptional environment of forests and a fast descent. Once in Marbella, we continue on west direction, towards our final destination, Puerto Banús, where luxury and sophistication await us. It is a linear route, so we will return to Fast Monkey for the same route in reverse, this time we will have the challenge of going up to Míjas through the Puerto de Pescadores. A demanding route, but not exempt from exceptional places that will undoubtedly delight the most adventurous and demanding cyclist.
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Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Subida triatlón Benalmádena0.65 km44 m6.7%
Serie Arroyo-Gasolinera Galp2.13 km102 m4.8%
Subida a Benalmádena Pueblo3.28 km163 m5.0%
Tivoli a Cruce REPETIDOR - Wild Bikes shop www.wild-bikes.com9.57 km328 m3.4%
Climb 3.47 km148 m4.2%
Xanit-gasolinera0.22 km20 m8.6%
Subida Torrusca desde Gasolinera1.14 km83 m7.1%
Ultima recta Benalmadena Pueblo0.31 km21 m6.7%
subida final benalmadena pueblo0.15 km12 m7.6%
Higueron-Venta Los morenos14.02 km266 m0.8%
subida tunel higueron cruce repetidor3.59 km218 m6.1%
tunel inicio bellavista1.36 km45 m3.2%
SPRINT rtda. Mijas Inmensa0.48 km14 m2.9%
Longhis Climb Attack0.39 km37 m9.3%
Be a star0.62 km46 m7.4%
Tramo final subida Benalmádena-Mijas1.22 km82 m6.7%
cruce Repetidor a entrada Mijas1.41 km-28 m-1.7%
subida del puerto0.53 km49 m8.7%
A fuego Badfish proshop2.70 km-142 m-5.3%
Rock Garden (Alhaurin-Coin)2.22 km31 m1.0%
CruceCoin-CruceJuanar_Jlg13.34 km227 m1.5%
A-355 Climb past Monda3.42 km163 m4.7%
Desde Monda hasta ultima entrada a Ojen11.74 km-227 m-0.4%
Llanos de Purla2.96 km53 m1.2%
Pto. de Ojén por Purla3.93 km125 m3.2%
Sprint Llanos de Purla0.86 km41 m4.8%
Velocidad Máxima0.36 km-29 m-7.9%
Coral Beach - Victor´s Beach0.92 km3 m0.1%
Meta Volante JJ0.33 km5 m1.6%
Travesía Huerta los Cristales Climb0.33 km23 m7.0%
Marbella - Cruce de Ojén3.82 km236 m6.2%
A355 climb (La Cañada - Puerto de Ojén9.48 km460 m4.8%
51.16 km89 m7.6%
Puerto Marbella-cruce Coin20.84 km432 m0.8%
15´4.93 km271 m5.5%
Rectón0.77 km51 m6.7%
Llanos de Pula-gula12.30 km-257 m-1.7%
cuñita Cruz de piedra0.65 km17 m2.1%
Salida de Coín-Venta el Moreno5.58 km40 m0.0%
A tope Vitto2.00 km-28 m-1.2%
Urbanización Alta Verde Climb - long2.61 km150 m5.7%
pto. pescadores subida 110.20 km23 m10.6%
Hell climb0.52 km78 m15.1%
Tramo entre cruces de Mijas2.26 km-50 m-0.4%
Mijas to A-7 descend5.20 km-225 m-3.8%
sendero parelelo a recta osunilla0.56 km-43 m-6.2%
Mijas - La Capellania2.92 km-203 m-6.7%
Bajada desde Mijas inmensa hasta rotonda de la autovia1.69 km-53 m-2.7%
Subida Estupa desde rotonda hasta benal.pueblo.2.11 km64 m2.5%